The Website Traffic Supremacy

Urgent message received from an Internet Independence reader:

“2 of my sites seem to have been sandboxed by Google, as a result of the October
14-15 update. What methods do you recommend for getting out of the sand?”

(NOTE: According to Wikipedia, “The Sandbox (a.k.a. Sandboxing or the sandbox effect or the Google penalty) is a name given to an observation about the way Google ranks web pages in its index.” Like the Treadstone program, it’s existence is the subject of much debate and secrecy.)

The only person I knew who could answer this was my website traffic insider and SEO expert, Nicky Parsons.

“Listen, the Google Sandbox is real. And here’s what you need to know,”
Nicky said.

“There are a couple great resources that your readers should bookmark in regards to Google updates and what to do about them.

This site tracks and adds each and every Google update – including the most recent 10/13 update:

And this site essentially tells you what to do if you were hit hard in the last update which this particular reader apparently was.  This tells the exact details of what that person should do to deal with the penalty.

Whew, Nicky coming through with great insider search engine info to help your website. Always helps to have someone on the “inside”.

But Nicky didn’t stop there…she had a warning for me, and for anyone that has a fitness or nutrition website.

“Craig, I read about the big fitness blogging plan that you and your buddy Rambo had…and I think it’s dangerous.

“Think twice before trying to build a big mega fitness site,” she said.

“But why, Nicky? I could get a lot of traffic with a fitness website featuring a ton of unique content,” I argued.

“I wouldn’t suggest that because Google is coming down hard on fitness sites,” Nicky explained.

“The Big G is hitting many fitness websites with a big penalty, knocking them out of top spot for specific keyword searches and sending them all the way down to page 5 – overnight – and without any explanation.

“So if you lose that 1 site, you lose ALL of your content. Health and fitness seems to be put under a finer microscope when it comes to manual site reviews at The Big G.”

“No way,” I argued, “My site isn’t doing anything wrong. The guys at the G Treadstone are making a mistake.”

Nicky didn’t care.

“It’s not a mistake. They don’t make mistakes. They don’t do random.
There’s always an objective. Always a target,” she replied.

“One day you’ll wake up and the 2000 visits you’ll be getting will go to ZERO overnight,” she warned.

“As an insider, I truly believe you have to look at The Big G not as someone who may or may not be on your side. With health and fitness they are very hard on sites, as you’ve seen with how tough it is to get fitness PPC campaigns approved.”

“So what can I do, Nicky?” I asked in frustration. “I have a ton of great content, and I don’t want to lose that for no good reason.”

“Don’t worry, Craig, I think there’s a solution, but you have to act fast,” Nicky warned. “The better approach is for you to create one site per keyword. That way if the Big G decides to wipe you out overnight, they just take down one site – one keyword – and not your entire business. Even if you have two, three, or four sites go down, you should have some that survive.

“And the ones you lose are easily replaceable. Now I know this isn’t ideal, but it’s the only hope you have since the Big G seems out to punish the health and fitness industry,” she said.

“Stay diversified. Don’t get in too deep with just one site,” she advised. “Now I have to go…and don’t tell anyone about this extra insider information I gave you.”

“Uh, sure, I won’t, Nicky,” I said (with fingers crossed).

“Oh, and one more thing,” she said while reaching into her bag, “Take a look at this…it’s a smuggled document that came from directly inside the Big G. I’ve summed up a few major secrets for your readers. Enjoy.”

“Thanks Nicky, you’re one of the good guys…one of the hot, blond, female good guys,” I said as she turned away and disappeared into the dark.

“What’d you say, Craig?”

“Uh, nothing Nicky, nevermind. Get out of here while you still can.”

I’ll be going through that secret document soon…to help you use these insider website secrets to get more traffic for your business.

Keep this a secret,

Craig Ballantyne

“This is not a drill. We clear on that? This is