Picking a Website Business Mentor

There was a lot to learn this week as I traveled to two small website business seminars in Cancun and Las Vegas where I met many positive and successful people.

It was interesting to see the variety of ways in which people are building their web-based businesses and financial independence.

If I could only tell you how one of my fitness buddies is getting traffic from the funniest niche market on the web, but alas, I am sworn to secrecy on this hilarious story.

There really are hundreds of ways to get traffic, make sales, and turn your passion into a business.

I have an example in the LIGHTER SIDE at the end of this email.

While on my travels I listened to some audio programs, including a conversation between online advertising expert, Perry Marshall, and legendary marketer, Dan Kennedy. That’s where I found this quote:

“The power to structure things the way you want them to be is in your hands. When you design a business…everything ought to be taken into consideration on how you want your business life to be…so you don’t wind up building a business you don’t want when it’s done.” – Dan Kennedy

Now for the QnA…

Question: First off I have to tell you that I love your Internet Independence Newsletter, your emails are always top notch.  I subscribe to many guru’s, yet I read all your stuff from start to finish and I feel like your directly speaking to me.  

I have a 6 figure offline fitness business and am taking the baby steps to work on my Info marketing fitness business.  I agree with your last email regarding Dan Kennedy’s priority of Implementation and I am a major action taker.  

My issue is that I suffer from “analysis paralysis” regarding info marketing , I’m overwhelmed with the conflicting information that’s out there.  What do you recommend as the initial steps that a info marketing newbie should start with? – AJ

Answer: AJ, since you’re a fellow fitness bro, I imagine that you’re like most of my friends – fit, well-liked, outgoing, and good with the ladies.

But for all of us, there comes a time when we need to make the big decision.

We need to choose from all our options and go with one.

And that’s what you need to do here.

At some point, you just have to choose.

Make the leap of faith, choose one mentor to be the main person you listen to, and trust them to guide you to the promised land.

Of course, on the bright side, unlike the lady situation, you can still ‘dabble’ with other mentors, BUT remain 80% focused on the advice of just one expert.

Frankly, I recommend joining a mastermind group. As you know, Bedros and I have one and it’s the best thing going.

For all those other readers who are not ready for a mastermind, I have good news. Matt Smith and I are about to make the most irresistible offer we’ve ever made…

…all will be revealed in a set of new videos I filmed for you.

You’ll learn about our “New American Dream” project and how it will guide you to the online success you’ve dreamed about.

Look for the first video next Wednesday.

Question: Does anyone know of a company that is familiar with clickbank that staffs Virtual Assistants, etc … or … what do you guys do for your clickbank customer service? What has been the best way for you to hire staff like this? Local Craigslist? Phillipino craigslist? – From Mastermind Member, Caleb


1) Any formal VA company will cost too much. I would avoid that option.

2) You should be able to use the info in my Op Manual (sent to the Mastermind group) to quickly train almost anyone to be good at customer service in your business. I’ve laid out all the steps there.

3) I prefer finding people from Craigslist local. I’ve pasted the ad I run below. You can also listen to the recent interview I did with Adam Steer for Mastermind Members (delivered back in March or April I think). He has hired customer service overseas.

4) You might also consider going to your customer fan base. I’ve hired this way as well and they are great people.

5) Now here’s that ad I mentioned…

Office Assistant Needed! (Insert your city)

Need extra cash for school?  We are a busy online marketing company that needs an extremely organized assistant.  This is a part time position with flexible hours, students are welcome.  Responsibilities include computer and administrative work; such as online customer service, as well as local errands and general support tasks.

We need a positive, capable individual who can take care of business without constant supervision.
If you are a motivated, proactive candidate please fax a resume and letter of interest to ____.


On the LIGHTER SIDE…don’t tell me your product won’t sell, because this example shows you can sell anything on the Internet.

This website sells a “can of cow manure smell” from Germany. This ranks right up there with the ShakeWeight.

I’d be willing to bet that more cans are sold as a joke than are sold to people who really desire the smell of a stall in their urban abodes.

But still…it’s smelling. I mean, selling.


Craig Ballantyne

“We are building premium products and offering them at non-premium prices.”
– Jeff Bezos