Wasting Time and Money With Customer Service

My cellphone plan includes free text messaging. But on last month’s bill, there was a charge for two of the dozens of messages I sent – for a total of about 50 cents.I called the company and, as you might expect, spent an hour or so on hold, being transferred, and explaining my gripe to a succession of reps.When I hung up, it occurred to me: That hour of my time could have been much better spent.

Instead of quibbling over 50 cents, I could have brainstormed Internet business ideas, started writing a sales letter, done keyword research, found public domain works to repurpose for sale. The list goes on. In short, in the time it took to snatch back my half-dollar from the jaws of corporate America, I could have started setting up a profit-producing Internet business that would ensure my financial future.

Some screw-ups are worth complaining about. But before you spend the time to call up customer service over a couple of bucks… or race back to the grocery store to get your Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal… consider whether it’s really worth it.It can be tough to let go of that “It’s the principle of the thing” mentality. But, most of the time, it’s not really worth it. As Robert Ringer said in his article “When Not to Save Money,” “Pennies may add up to dollars, but the time required to save those pennies can add up to a lot of stress – and enough stress might just add up to serious illness or premature death.”

Take a minute to reassess the moneysaving measures you take – and whether they are worth the time, energy, and stress you put into them.

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