Trying Times? Tie Tongues Together Today!

I see my three youngest sons every summer and at Christmas. They fly in from overseas so we can enjoy the holiday together.

They are now seasoned travelers. But starting with their first trips, I’ve encouraged them to speak with strangers — on planes, in airports, and everywhere else. That’s right. I’ve taught my kids that they should speak with strangers. For how else will they learn about the world’s different peoples and cultures?

And I’ve shown them a great way to break the ice with fellow travelers whose native language is not English. What you do is ask them to tell you a good tongue-twister and teach it to you in their language. Your efforts are sure to make them laugh. And what better way is there to start a conversation — and a new relationship — than with laughter?

“Vasudaiva kutumbhakam” is a saying from the Vedas of ancient India. It means “The world is my family.” We are all members of one, big, international family. Breaking down the barriers to recognizing and appreciating that connection begins with one person at a time.