Truth About Your Desire for Shortcuts and Secrets

“That wasn’t very nice. But you were just being honest, I guess.”

You might feel that way about some of my answers this week.

And frankly, I’ll admit it, I get a little sassier in my replies when people are too disrespectful to spell out the words properly in their questions – especially when it’s a 45-year old asking for help (I can “kind of” understand why a 17-year old would do it…but not a grown adult.)

So here, without any more delay, is another round of brutally honest, politically incorrect QnA to help you identify better ways to use your time, build your business, and finally make some money with your website.

Q: “What’s the best to do if u r not an expert in anything? That’s takes sometime.” – Diana

Answer: Yes, that’s true. But that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

If you want to succeed, you must make a commitment to delivering great value to the world, not looking for shortcuts and easy buttocuts and easy buttons.

So focus on that…in what area of life can you bring great value to the world?

Follow-up Q: “True, I am working on developing myself now. Wow, I think I’ve been seeing this incorrectly, is there nothing to start in the mean time?” – Diana

Answer: Again, it depends on what you have of value that you can add to the world. Surely in your time here on earth you’ve developed something that you are really good at, right?

That people say, “Oh Diana, you are the best at ____.”

That’s your value, don’t overlook it. That’s what you can bring to the world.

Q: “I just started my network marketing biz but I work full time also with 1.5 hrs of commute time per work day. What would be the best way to plan how much time I should dedicate to my new biz without allowing it to steal too much time from my husband and kids?

They have a website which I have gotten my own web address through and using social media is a big way to promote to!

I want it to be a success because the product and opportunity is awesome! But I need some balance. Thank you so much!” – Candace WB.

Answer: Hi Candace, frankly, I wouldn’t recommend that route.

Everyone and their dog is trying to promote those nutritional supplements using social media and no one has a clue how to do it.

It’s really sad to see the ads people are putting up…you just know that person is losing all of their money.

That said, in order to build any side business, the best answer is to get up earlier or stay up later. I prefer getting up earlier, but I know three HUGE success stories in the fitness industry who stayed up till 3am each night building their businesses while working full time jobs.

Let me know how it goes.

Q: “Finding the right productivity system for one’s self – there’s so many different tools, systems and approaches out there and it seems that one of the reasons so many fail, their inability to their users to find the ‘best one’ that fits with intuitive needs and design.

Soooo, the question: how do we find the right tool/system/philosophy that fits who we are before over-committing to it and ending up with yet another ‘failure to launch‘?

Answer: Self-assessment. You know yourself best. Do a 3-day time journal to find out where you are wasting your time and when you are most productive. Then plan your life around that.

Get up earlier. That’s the simplest and most effective tip – and it’s free – that anyone could use starting now.

Follow-up Q: Tell us something about dramatically increasing productivity that your readers don’t already know that you’ve come across in the last month or two? New, personal revelation or new tool or?

Answer: Well, here’s more politically incorrect TRUTH for you.

In the last 4 weeks, since starting the ETR QnA sessions, I’ve discovered something…that a lot of readers are struggling with procrastination, and they love to ask question after question about how they can take action.

What this shows me is that too many people are looking for “Magic Bullets” even though they are all in plain site.

I’ve told you everything that I know about productivity.

I’m not holding anything back, and yet, as your question shows, too many people still believe there is “something else”.

But there’s not.

The 800-pound gorilla answer in the room “Just do SOMETHING.” And by something, I don’t mean keep  looking for the secrets.

Just take action and get stuff done.

It’s not fun to ‘glue your butt to a chair and grind it out’ when you think that Frank Kern is out surfing and somehow making a million bucks for every wave he catches, but that’s what I do every day and look at all I get done.

Finally, if there’s one thing that most people could do but don’t, is simply to get up earlier.

That’s the solution to many a productivity problem.

PS – Have I mentioned GETTING UP EARLIER yet?

Q: When you first started getting up early every day, how long did it take for you to actually feel awake? I’m on my first week of this and groggy for about an hour after waking.  – Mary K.

Answer: Hi Mary, I’m sorry, I don’t know, but my answer is kind of irrelevant, isn’t it?

What matters is that:

A) You will eventually adapt. That’s what humans are very, very good at – adapting.

B) You need to adjust your lifestyle to make it easier to adapt. That means making sure you are also going to bed earlier, with good sleep habits, eliminating caffeine 8 hours before bed, and monitoring your sleep to see what helps and what hurts. Keep it up, we can adapt to almost anything.

The end. Good session.

Now off to Day 1 of my TT Summit in San Diego with over 75 action takers and thought leaders in the fitness industry.

Go take some action of your own.

So politically incorrect that they won’t even let me vote,

Craig Ballantyne

The most important question to ask on the job is not “what am I getting?” The most important question to ask is “What am I becoming?” – Jim Rohn

  • Anth

    Hey Craig,

    This post is the kind of kick-in-the-butt that a lot of people need.

    I just wanted to say thanks, and also tell a little bit of my story that I think might help some of the other readers/commenters.

    I’ve been a loyal reader since the start internetindependence.

    I was extremeley fascinated by the Internet Marketing world, but also suffered from a lot of the newbie mistakes like not taking action, not believing it could work for me and undervaluing myself and what I know.

    No progress was being made and I ended up in a rut.

    I’m a life-long learner.

    The more I learn about the topics I’m passionate about the more I realize I didn’t know everything.

    Then I discount my abilities to teach other people.

    I came to the conclusion that it’s not good to think like that.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, Craig, but I think in most markets, a ton of the people who are searching for help are beginners.

    They might not even know the basics, and if you know just a little-bit more about
    your topic than the average person does, you could really blow them away with your
    knowledge and they will be really greatful to have found your website and have your help.

    Once I started thinking like this, I had a lot more motivation to act on my ideas.

    I was only 21 years old when I first met you, and I was suffering from all of the
    mistakes listed above.

    Then I would beat myself up FOR SUFFERING from newbie mistakes. I should
    know better than to make those mistakes, but I was knowingly/conciously making them!

    …talk about a crazy recipe for unsuccessfulness, right?

    I literally told myself:
    “Look, you were young when you made those mistakes. If nothing else, let’s
    chalk it up to age. You just weren’t ready for it, now you are… so let’s get to work.”

    (Yes, I actually talked to myself while driving alone in my car one night, just
    another sign I might be a little crazy! lol)

    Partially because of you and your advice
    I’ve changed my mindset completely over the past few months.

    I also started taking ACTION!

    I’m not rolling in the dough, I’m not making a full-time income from the internet, but I am getting results.

    The more results I get, the more power I see in this whole internet business stuff. The more believable it becomes that it can work for even ME.

    I use to think nobody would come to my sites and read my articles. Then I got visitors, and now i get visitors who comment on my posts thanking me.

    I use to think nobody would join my mailing list. Then I got people opting in AND thanking me for my free report that I REALLY didn’t think was all that impressive, but THEY did think it was impressive.

    I use to think nobody would buy stuff from me, then I once made 3 sales from a youtube video.

    I’m up to ~400 visitors/day on average.
    I’m up to 5 optins a day on average.
    I’m at about 90% completion of my first product

    It’s nothing amazing, but I’m WAY further along than I was when I had that distructive

    So I wanted to thank you because you’re in someway responsible for some of the results
    I’m seeing.

    I also wanted to apologize for not acting sooner on all of the great training/advice you’ve offered – wether it be in your emails, blog posts, or in person at a seminar.

    … but like I tell myself to rationalize – I just wasn’t ready for it yet… but now I am and that’s all that matters 🙂

    • markschneider

      Anthony, this is awesome, thanks for sharing. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to put it in an newsletter. Let me know your website so I can mention it.


  • Anthony

    Of course Craig, I don’t mind at all.

    As for my URL thanks I truly appreciate the offer, but I just started a split test to see what improves optins and I’d prefer not to get a flood of visitors who may not be my target demographic. I think it could skew test results.

    I promise I’m not in any crazy/embarrassing niches lol. I just imagine if you mail it out either a bunch of people will go optin just to see what I’m doing (which probably isn’t a good idea because I’m not getting any AMAZING results yet) or a bunch of people will go, check it out and leave. Both could ruin my split test! 🙂

    Hope that’s ok.