How to TRIPLE Your Productivity

When a guy goes from $0 online to $12,000 per month in less than a year, chances are he’s doing something right. In addition to getting coaching and associating himself with the best, Mike Whitfield, the $12,000 man, is also becoming a machine.

A triple-your-productivity machine.

His secret?

The whiteboard.

Now I must warn you…you need to be careful that you don’t  become a “Professional Whiteboarder”. You know the type, the  person that spends more time working ON their whiteboard  (making it pretty, etc.) rather than implementing the ideas on
the whiteboard.

Don’t be like that. Instead, take action. You’ll see that Mike “Whiteboard” Whitfield keeps it simple and effective, but you wouldn’t describe it as pretty.

And that’s just fine.

So here in this week’s edition of WWWW (Whitfield’s What’s Working Wednesday), you’ll learn how to get more done.

How to Triple Your Productivity – By Mike Whitfield

It was 7:45 AM and it was time. I walked downstairs to get my

caffeine fix, my guilty pleasure, before my workout. You might think that’s strange, but yes, I even schedule my caffeine fix.

There’s a method I’ve been using for over 3 months now and it has worked extremely well. It’s been an ongoing process as I have tweaked it, but I would estimate it has tripled my productivity.

It’s a $20 whiteboard.

Here is how it works – I keep it simple and set up four blocks:

Block One

At the top left hand side, I write “Today’s Game Plan” (I love football – that’s why). In that block at the end of the day, I write what I need to do the next day to move my business forward.

There are usually between 2-3 BIG things, along with a few smaller things that I need to get done. The big things must make a higher priority, so they are done first thing in the morning… which is usually my writing.

Block Two

This is my schedule for the day. That is dictated by what is in block one.

I schedule EVERYTHING, including my own workouts. I am simply not allowed to veer away from this schedule. Sure, things come up and I have to call an audible (ha… football), but I stick to this schedule vigorously because I know it’s the plan that will help me succeed.

For example, today, I scheduled myself to write from 5 – 7 this morning.

Block Three

This is my affiliate block. This is for when I contact any affiliates. So, if I talk to an affiliate, I write their name down in this block. I reset this block each week and run it from Thursday to Wednesday.

Here’s why – I have an accountability partner in which I have to tell her how many affiliates I’ve contacted and who. If I have an empty block on my whiteboard, I know I have to carve out time to contact affiliates…

…plus, I don’t want to embarrass myself and not show any affiliate contacts each Thursday.

Block Four

This is my deadline block. This is for upcoming important projects, including accountability calls, product creation deadlines, etc., etc. That way, when I set up my Game Plan, I can incorporate these projects into my day as needed because it just takes a quick glance.

Now let me be the first to tell you – the whiteboard isn’t pretty. My lines aren’t straight (and they never will be). But if you want a visual so that you can model yours – feel free:

I also find it hilarious that my wife can’t stand my crooked lines as well as my

indecision of whether to write in all caps or not (see above). But it WORKS.

If I’m on facebook at 2:30pm and I’m supposed to be working on my product at that time, I’m hindering my success. At least, that’s my mindset.

So, feel free to model that if it helps, but at the very least, structure your day. That really does work. In fact, according to my schedule, I only have 4 seconds left to sign-off.

The end,

Mike Whitfield, CTT