Planning a trip on a tight budget? Forget mainland Europe. The strength of the euro will have you spending a fortune on food, lodging, and entertainment. Cross the United Kingdom off your list too. One British pound will cost you $2. But there are still many dollar-friendly possibilities:

  • Eastern Europe, including Croatia and the Czech Republic (cut crystal vases for $40)
  • Hong Kong ($2 for an authentic Chinese meal)
  • New Zealand (double hotel room with free Internet and flat-screen TV, $68 a night)
  • Vietnam (a tailored silk jacket for $20)
  • South America (custom-made leather goods at rock bottom prices, including made-to-fit jackets for $150)
  • Mediterranean cruises (all-inclusive packages starting at $1,500)
  • Mexico (locally mined and crafted silver jewelry starting at $5)
  • The Bahamas (all-inclusive resorts for savings on food and lodging; high-quality cigars made by Cuban immigrants: $20 each)

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(Source: Travel and Leisure )