Training Your Employees for the Big Race

One of the most important business skills is almost never talked about. It is speed.

In Ready, Fire, Aim, I explain that the faster you get good ideas to the marketplace, the better your chances of succeeding. And the faster you can get almost anything done, the less it will cost you.

You don’t want to sacrifice quality for speed. But you don’t want to slow things down to get them “perfect” either.

As the boss, one of your challenges is create a culture of speed. Let your employees know that moving quickly and efficiently is an important part of their jobs.

One way to keep the office humming: Give your employees short deadlines. If you give them generous deadlines, the work will expand to fit the time allotted.

If your business often deals with lengthy projects, periodically train your employees for the “long race” by having them do some “sprints.” I’m not just talking about daily or weekly milestones within an extended project. I mean short tasks that can be completed in several hours or a day.

Afterward, you’ll probably find that the pace of their “regular work” will be just a bit livelier.


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