Tough Love Secret to Success

Saturday afternoon was cold, snowy, and dreary. We were at the Long Island Marriott in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, New York (seriously, miles from anything!). The good news is that Bedros and I were coaching 6 action takers and showing them how to make money online.
They all came in one idea, and then after we delivered our tough love, they went home with an exponentially better idea and a complete 30-day blueprint for making their first sales online. We turned Chris, the college planner, into a guru. We put the blinders on Bob, the anti-bullying expert, cut the fluff out of Candise’s killer nutrition idea, and dialed in Greg on his BIG idea.
All you need is (tough) love, as the old song goes. Well, that and a little expert guidance from two guys that have been-there-and-done-that.
It doesn’t hurt to share a few secrets with our coaching clients either. Bedros spent two hours on how he’s built a list of 80,000 personal trainers in one of the toughest, penny-pinching markets in the world.
And then I showed them all how to write awesome sales copy. But that still wasn’t the #1 secret of the day.
This was…the harsh truth I gave them about success. IT applies to weight loss, making money, finding the love of your life, and even something that I have done 751 days in a row.
Look, life is simple. Success is simple. Neither are easy, but they are simple. The steps are there…they have been laid out before us. It’s up to us to take the difficult – yet simple – action steps.
Take for example, the act of meditation. You sit there and do nothing but breathe. Simple, right? Try it. It’s hard! I know. I recently celebrated 751 days in a row of meditating for at least five minutes (and most sessions are more than 20 minutes long). But three other times in my life I tried to make meditation a habit and I quit after just a few days.
What allowed me to make it stick this time?
A change in my attitude. I knew it was simple, but also thought it would be easy. It wasn’t until I accepted that it would be difficult that I was able to have a breakthrough.
Success, in every area in life, is simple. It’s not easy, but it’s simple once you accept how hard it will be, once if you understand and accept that it requires sacrifice, then you will be psychologically prepared to make that sacrifice.
That’s the most important thing I can tell you about growing your online business and making money with the best “job” in the world…one that has allowed me to travel to over 30 countries, design the perfect life, get up whenever I want, work with whomever I want, and help hundreds of thousands of people.
You can’t do that working for the man.
You can only do that working for yourself.
You can only do that when you accept my tough love, and accept the difficulties ahead.
Change your mindset and you will change your life,
Craig Ballantyne
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