To join your affiliate program, must one have a website?

“Please forgive a very basic question. To join the ETR Affiliate Program, must one have a website? I do not currently have one.”


Hello Katarina,

I’m glad to hear about your interest in our new affiliate program. One of the best possible ways for you to begin making good money immediately – to create a second stream of income and, at the same time, develop skills (direct-marketing skills, copywriting skills, selling skills) that will help you get wealthy in the long term, is to join an affiliate marketing program like the one we offer. After all, we give you all the tools you need to succeed. You just have to put them into action and cash the checks!

Now you don’t technically need a website to join our affiliate program. We’ll talk about how you can do it “website free” in an upcoming ETR article. However, we do think that having a website will provide you with the best opportunity to make money with the program.

You can sign up to be an ETR affiliate before you create a site. And it’s easy to do. WordPress offers free software for setting up a simple site. Or you can use XSitePro, the beginner-friendly software we use to help our Five Days in July attendees build sites. It’s also the software we provide as part of ETR’s Internet Money Club Independent Learner Edition.

When you’ve got a site up and running, I recommend that you pack it full of useful, actionable content geared toward creating wealth, beating the recession, and making money online. Internet marketing expert David Cross has some guidelines for what a good website should include in his article “A Word Is Worth 1,000 Pictures.” And to get a better idea of exactly what topics to address in your website content, check out all of the products you can promote as an ETR affiliate.

This will give you a good understanding of how to structure the content on your website. And keep in mind that we have plenty of text ads, page peels, links, and other sales copy you can upload onto your site once you become an approved ETR affiliate.

George Dahir

ETR Affiliate Marketing Manager

[Ed. Note: 541 Early to Risers have already decided that they want to make cash as an ETR affiliate. We’ll give you $20 just for signing up! Get all the details here.

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