Time Management and Testing

So you’ve got your day scripted, you have your phone turned off, and you don’t even check email until noon, after you’ve been working for several hours.

But there’s still one big problem with your time management. You’re working on the wrong projects.

When you break it down, the best time management strategy is to make sure you are using your time for the right things. There is a difference between being busy and being productive.

Here’s how you can use your time better. Start by asking yourself these questions:

1) What is the most profitable work I can be doing?

2) How can I spend more time on what is most profitable?

By the way, the correct answer to question #1 is:

Traffic and Conversion – And of those two, improving your website conversion is the most important.

Now I understand that it’s tough to improve conversions when you feel like you don’t have any traffic.

However, you must be consistently testing and tracking, and keeping a vigilant eye on what happens on your site each day.

If you haven’t already, have someone install google analytics on your website.

BONUS TIP: You want “goal pages” created in your analytics account

For example, on my site, one of my goal pages is my the download page for my product.

So now I can see:

a) The traffic source of all visitors to my site
b) The traffic source of all customers

Let me explain.

I just went into my google analytics account, and looked under the traffic sources category.

It shows that my blog, www.ttfatloss.com, has sent me 2344 visits, and 0.47% of those visits have landed on my download page (meaning 0.47% became customers).

To me, that means I need to get more people to my blog, because then I will get more people to my main page, and more people will become customers.

You can track all of this information, and if you’re a good little detective, over time you’ll identify sources of traffic that you should focus on.

You’ll find better uses for your time.

It’s very simple common sense.

Now that said, today’s email took a major – yet important – detour. I didn’t get a chance to completely finish my message on the reality of time management.

However, what I’ve just described is a very good use of 2-3 minutes of your work day – and done each day will allow you to identify ways to get more traffic and sales to your site.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest of the time management lesson. For now, I have to go watch the rest of that Justin Bieber movie and bring you a marketing report on it.

It’s painful and interesting at the same time. Do the right things at the right time,

Craig Ballantyne
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“Ask yourself these 3 questions every night: What have I done?
Where have I failed myself? What responsibility have I not fulfilled?” – Pythagoras

  • please can you show the link again where you have the step by step guide to installing google analytics onto your site that was v helpful and thanks again for a brilliant post. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I have not done a post on that. Just go to youtube and search for videos on how to do it.

  • Just watched the Justin Bieber movie yesterday. Looking forward to seeing your insights on that movie.

  • Marat

    Yep, Craig,

    Never heard about Justin Bieber until you mentioned his movie in your blog.
    I guess when my daughter will get to her teens i will be a specialist on all Justins of that time. Last night when my wife came back home and saw me watching the movie she thought i went nuts… took a while to explain that was a marketing lesson ))))))))

  • Craig,

    Just curious if you know of a good resource or book that really dives into Google Analytics and helps you get the most out of all the metrics.


  • Guest

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