This is why people fail

Here’s why so many people fail.They are scared.

They listen to negative-know-nothings.

They ignore their gut feelings.

They hold back.

Here’s an example.

Just after Christmas a client in our ETR Virtual Mastermind group gave me this update, success story, and excuse all rolled into one…

“Craig, I made my first sale yesterday whilst walking my dogs. I will begin an email launch for the offer today as we knew most people won’t open emails over festive period.”

My reply:
You are wrong about people not opening their emails during the holidays. I sent emails almost every day and continued to make a lot of sales and money, and my email open rates were only down by 10%. I think you are just holding back and making excuses.

My Client Replied:
Yes you are right. I listened to others who put doubt in my head, instead of sticking to my plan. I will start an email launch tomorrow and am following everything I have got on the subject from you.

My reply:
Excellent. Push on. And Sell!

By hesitating, our friend lost sales and momentum.

The best time to sell is now.

The best time to hold back is never.

Until you understand and accept these facts, and until you make ACTION a part of your operating system, you will continue to struggle.

You need to be thinking like a shark, like my friend Kevin Harrington. One of his credos is, “Always be looking for the next hot deal.”


In fact, I met up with Kevin Harrington on Friday, January 2nd at his office in St. Pete’s, Florida. He had meetings lined up all day. He didn’t stop for the holidays. He wouldn’t let such a ridiculous thought cross his mind.

The holidays are when people are in a buying frenzy. Why would you stop at the hottest sales time of the year?

It’s wrong to think that in this day and age that “no one opens emails”. The opposite has never been more true. People are addicted to their phones and email alerts. They are just waiting for you to show up with something entertaining to say and something for them to buy. The LOVE to buy. Don’t disappoint them! (Or me.)

Let this missed opportunity be a lesson to you. Never let a sale fall through the cracks. Your store is open 24/7/365, so don’t go a day without selling…because your competition isn’t making that mistake.

Always keep moving ahead.

Never give up. Never stop. Never quit.

This is your time. You can change your life.

That’s the only thing I find acceptable.

It starts now with a sale,

Craig Ballantyne

If you’re serious, take action. If you want to whine and make excuses, if you want someone to promise you a minimalist lifestyle and 4 hour work weeks,  I’m not the guy for you. That’s not going to happen here. That’s never worked for anyone I know. Now get serious and let’s go. It’s time to take action.

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