The X-Rated Case Study

Many of Ryan Lee’s websites look like porn sites. He admitted as much during his presentation at ETR’s Info-Marketing Bootcamp.

But Ryan is not in the porn industry. One of his major niches is fitness. And that’s where he’s applied what he’s learned from porn sites — specifically, how they market their … um … products.

You can do it too. Here are two of the many examples Ryan gave to Bootcamp attendees:

  • Offer members-only websites.
  • Have a range of niche products to satisfy all the interests of your buyers.

A third “borrowed” technique has given Ryan an unexpected source of monthly cash. He has begun applying monthly charges to his fitness websites. (In the marketing business, this is known as a “continuity program.”)

The point isn’t for you to start checking out porn sites. As Michael Masterson has pointed out many times in ETR, you should constantly be looking at sites and businesses in other industries to get fresh ideas that you can try out in your market.

If they don’t work, you’ve lost nothing but a quick and easy test. If they do work, they can dramatically improve your sales.

If You’re Overweight, Now You Have Something Else to Worry About

As if heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes weren’t bad enough…

A study shows obese people have a greater risk of losing their vision.

Harvard researchers studied 261 patients for an average of 4 1/2 years. They found that the bigger your waistline, the more likely you are to have vision loss due to age-related macular degeneration.

All the news isn’t bad. They also found that exercising a few times a week cuts your risk by 25 percent.

Same Old Same Old

Do you find yourself recycling the same promotional copy… the same ads… the look and feel of your sales letters and e-mails?

If so, Clayton Makepeace has news for you. It’s costing you… big time.

As Clayton said in his Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech at Bootcamp yesterday:

“Everything you say to your prospects and customers is part of a continuing story. Every promotion is a new chapter. If everything looks and sounds the same… if the offers and guarantees are the same. You’re losing money.”

This was just a sneak peek at what Clayton spoke about later in the day during his Bootcamp presentation. Check out tomorrow’s issue for my full report

“Thanks for presenting Dr Rao and his work. The bonus videos are awesome and already having a profound effect on my daily life.”

Andrew Joy