The Secret Formula I Learned From Two Millionaires About Client Attraction

There’s a philosophy I learned years ago about client attraction. I use and teach it for client attraction, but you can use it for any type of attraction. I heard it first from one millionaire client, and then I saw it demonstrated years later by another successful client.

What happens in business when you start to give without asking for anything in return? When you start giving without want? We can do that these days with technology with little to no trouble. But that idea can meet with some serious resistance in the mind.

In fact, maybe the ego part of you starts screaming. “How am I going to make money? How will I sell anything? How will I get paid what I’m worth?”

Wanting to get paid what you’re worth is an interesting thing to say. What does it mean, exactly? Have you thought about it?

Aren’t we service providers the ones who have to accept the fee for any particular project we work on? If so, how is it possible to not get paid what we want? If we don’t want it, we shouldn’t accept it, right? (If you’re anything like me, that sentence will probably make your ego scream.)

When I’ve said the “I’m not getting paid what I’m worth,” phrase, I didn’t realize at the time what a deep level of need that expresses.

You are basically saying, “I need these people over here to do this thing so I can be OK.”

That’s basically the emotional situation from which I’d say this type of thing. But this is how you give your power away in one simple step.

Talk about closing yourself off from receiving. That’s a very effective way to do it.

When you invest energy and value out into the world without asking for anything in return, bizarre and magical things happen. All of that “giving” does come back to you… often multiplied. It might not come immediately, and it usually doesn’t even come from the place you originally gave, but it does come.

You just have to be ready to receive it.

We’re all getting paid what we’re worth right now. What if you accept that and appreciate that and be OK with that? That’s a completely different type of energy. That feeling is attractive to others. And it will create positive ripples through everything you do.

Then the question becomes, “how do you keep increasing the value you provide to the world?”

One way is to create a system where you continue to “give without want” in a way that creates a tremendous amount of goodwill with the universe.

The system I’ve chosen to build over the years is a media platform. For me, it’s a simple daily email newsletter. You can build one too. Yours might look nothing like mine (it could be a podcast, a print newsletter, or something else), but the strategy for building it is the same.

You build it by reverse engineering it based on who you want to attract.

These are the steps to get it done. I’ve found while the steps are pretty simple and straightforward, the thinking they require is often not.

Listed below are the steps of the process. This is only a summary, as you can go pretty deep with each of these. Why would you do that? Clarity. The more clarity you get about the true value you provide, the easier it is for those who want that value to recognize you are the one who has it.

So here we go with the Millionaire Formula…


Figure out what your clients are actually buying. This is often not what you think you are selling. For example, you might be selling drills, but your customers are only interested in “buying” the holes the drills make. Talk about drills and there is a disconnect, but talk about holes and you get their attention.


What are the ways you relieve the “pain” your prospects are in and how is your journey to that solution unique? The end result here is a handful of “big ideas” that form the foundational content of your platform. In other words, once you get these clear, you’ve minimized the chances of not knowing what to write/talk about. You know what you stand for and you can concentrate on communicating those key points through demonstration (story etc.).


Figure out the practical parts of your platform. What’s the media, what’s the format, what’s the frequency? The answer to these questions are to be found at the intersection of where your prospective clients are at, how they digest information and what you actually like to do and produce.


Figure out what happens next. Create the “decision points” that allow people on your platform to raise their hands and want to take a step towards you.

Just because you subscribe to the “giving without want” philosophy doesn’t mean you can just snap your fingers and have all your dreams come true. Transforming that intention into a system that delivers on your intention is the key.

Time is running out on the days where you can just “buy” attention. These days, you have to earn it. And that’s what a platform does when you use the Millionaire Formula.