The Principle of Multiple Pillars of Income

Today, I want to share with you my 12 pillars of income – 12 secrets that will help you maximize your business success.

What are those pillars?

1. Finding the undiscovered assets in your business.

Every business has undiscovered assets, overlooked opportunities, under-performing activities, undervalued relationships, untapped resources and intellectual capital. Until you commit to continually identify and deploy them, you’ll never realize your full potential.

2. Mining cash windfalls.

Psychologically, it’s important to produce short-term wins for yourself. They could be market windfalls, strategy windfalls, or sales windfalls. They don’t have to be big wins – but producing them has to be a goal that you’re committed to every month. This is a way for you to validate that the course you’re on is correct.

3. Engineering success into every action you take or decision you make.

So many people are not pragmatic. They’re not logical. They’re not strategic. They’re reactively tactical – and that’s the worst thing in the world. You need to take a deep breath and reflect. You need to be much more systematic and global in the way you recognize and integrate everything going on in your world.

4. Building your business on a foundation of multiple profit sources instead of depending on one single revenue source.

Why try to grow incrementally or linearly if you can grow geometrically and exponentially with the same time, effort, and capital? Let exponential growth work for you by bringing the power of many different factors together – a foundation of multiple profit sources.

5. Being different, distinctive, special, unique, and advantageous in the eyes of your clients.

In business today, you must be seen as the only viable solution or strategy or oppor¬tunity for the problem or desire you’re trying to address in your marketplace. And you’ve got to be much more refined in it, because there are too many choices. Needs today may be finite, but means to fill them are so vast, it’s scary.

6. Creating real value based on what your clients define value to be.

By doing so, you’ll build maxi¬mum loyalty, results, and sustaining relationships with them.

7. Getting the maximum personal leverage from every action, investment, and time or energy commitment you ever make.

People think my press and my track records are almost hyperbolically ludicrous. They’re not. I’m just one of the few  people who understand how much more you can get out of an opportunity, out of an effort, out of a day.

8. Networking, masterminding, brainstorming with like-minded, success-driven people from outside your industry who can share perspectives, real-life experiences, and recommendations with you.

All great achievers have brain trusts. They’ve got cabinets. They’ve got mastermind alli¬ances. They’ve got advisory boards galore. If you’re an entrepreneur trying to knock it out alone, you’re not getting perspectives from people who have been where you’re trying to go. Avail yourself of them fully. That should be a commitment for the rest of your life.

9. Turning yourself into an idea generator, a recognized innovator within your industry or market.

10. Making growth thinking a natural part of your everyday business philosophy.

You can just give this lip service and say, “Yeah, we want to grow.” But instead, everything you do should be driven through the screen and the filter and the lens of saying, “Everything is based on our growth thinking. Is this going to facilitate, and is this going to contribute, and is this going to bring about our growth or not?”

11. Reversing the risk for both you and your clients in everything you do so the downside is almost zero and the upside potential is nearly infinite.

12. Using safe, small tests to eliminate the dangerous risks.

By adopting funnel vision instead of tunnel vision in your thinking, you’ll be inspired to enthusiastically and continually test, experiment, and try new things. To use a baseball analogy, getting a lot of singles and never striking out will win the game more predictably than anything else you can do.

When you are applying these 12 pillars, be fearless. The sky won’t fall. The world’s not going to collapse. You won’t go broke or look stupid. Quite the opposite is the case once you adopt and adapt the philosophy of these pillars. Doom and failure only go to those who stay stuck in the status quo.

Learn from not only the mistakes but the success of others. It’ll save you millions. It’ll save you years. It’ll save you emotional hardship. And it will catapult and propel you many levels and rungs higher – if you’re committed to it.