The Power of a Team Meeting

Meetings get a bad rap. But if you think your company would be better off without them, you may want to reconsider.

ETR has a company-wide team meeting every Wednesday. It takes 30 minutes, and it’s a chance for all employees to share the projects they’re doing and the results they’re seeing.

“This is a great opportunity to spark ideas in your teammates,” MaryEllen Tribby says. “Maybe the Google AdWords project Alexis is working on could dovetail nicely with Edwin’s project. Or maybe Cecily’s media buying experiences can help Nicole save money on her own marketing expenses.”

Team meetings are not only good for the company as a whole, they’re good for individual employees.

“As the company grows,” MaryEllen says, “sometimes the only chance you’ll have to get some face-time with your boss is during those meetings. If you express interest in the projects you’re working on, and discuss the results you’re seeing, you could be showing your boss just how valuable you are.”

So don’t roll your eyes the next time you look at your calendar and see you have a company meeting scheduled. Instead, think about what you’re working on. How it can benefit the team. How it can showcase your hard work.

As MaryEllen says, “This is your chance to shine.”

[Ed. Note: What do you think of team meetings? Are they valuable or not? Let us know right here.]

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