The Loneliest Lemonade Stand

Last summer, my neighbor’s 10-year-old son, Spencer, set up a lemonade stand in front of his house. We live in an area with little car or foot traffic. While it’s great for letting kids play outside – it’s not so good for a budding lemonade tycoon.

After buying two cups of lemonade from Spencer, I had to give the kid some advice. I told him that he should move to the corner, where he would get a lot more traffic… or at least put up signs directing people to his stand.

Did he do it? Nope. He just went on yelling, “Lemonade for sale!”

Find out where the traffic already is and plant yourself there. Then offer something those people want. That’s a secret of success for any business.

At a seminar for people interested in going into the food business, the late Gary Halbert said to attendees, “I’ll let you pick any advantage you want for your business. Name it.” People would say things like “I want the only McDonald’s” or “I want the best food.” After everyone had a turn, he’d say, “The only advantage I want is a hungry crowd.”

When it’s parked in front of a hungry crowd, even a “roach coach” gets business at lunchtime.

The same secret of success holds true for your website. You’ve got to get it in front of a stream of traffic that’s hungry for what you’re selling.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Add your offer to partners’ Thank You pages and Opt-In pages.
  • Buy ads on relevant, highly trafficked sites.
  • Make deals with other sites that rank highly in the search engines for your keywords and phrases.

If you’re not selling enough of your products – maybe it’s time to move your “lemonade stand” to where the crowd is!

[Ed. Note: As master Internet marketer Yanik Silver ( says, you’ve got to get your business noticed by the right crowd if you expect to make sales.]

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