$100K in 12 Months (Part 4 – The Launch)

I’m extremely thankful for life that I’ve designed because it allows me to travel all over to meet my friends and help them with their businesses, and they help me as well. That’s the power of having a network and Mastermind group.

And by harnessing the power of your network, you’ll be able to create a successful product launch that will help take you over the $100K mark in online sales in just 12 months.

So today ends our 4-Part series on helping you achieve the life you desire and deserve through building a business on the Internet.

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Your 12 month plan culminates in a final “year end launch” where I hope you’ll finally breakthrough the $100K barrier. Let’s take a closer look at:

Months 10-12

1) The Product Launch

As mentioned in the last lesson, you’ll have recruited all of your affiliates for a 3-day launch. Now outlining a complete product launch will take more than a couple of paragraphs in this email, so we’ll have to save that for another day.

However, the basics are that you want to have:

– An incredible offer
– Built up anticipation
– Affiliates forming a “unified front” and all ready to mail at once
– Incentives for affiliates to mail at least three times (could be extra bonus commissions or a cash prize for your top affiliates)
– High converting upsells to maximize your average transaction
– Extreme value so your customers are happy
– A plan to provide more value to your customers in the weeks after so that you maximize revenues

Simply having this “3-day launch” system in place with a couple of big affiliates could help you earn 6-figures in just a few months.

It’s powerful, powerful stuff.

2) Plan Your Recurring Revenue Product

While there really isn’t a way to “make money on autopilot without any work at all”, having a product line that enables a guaranteed sale each month is a great way to add stability to your business.

For example, let’s say you have a business that offers gift baskets online. If you can encourage your customers to join your “Gift Basket of the Month” program, where they are automatically charged each month for the basket you send out, then you’ll have almost
guaranteed income each month – of course you’ll have to plan for customer drop-off…but you’ll be working hard to get new clients each month as well.

You can create monthly programs for all businesses, and it is quite easy if you are selling information, like I do by providing my clients with a new workout each month.

The key of course, as with EVERY aspect of your online business, is to be providing extreme value for your customer’s investment.


And so this wraps up your “$100K in 12 Months” program, and I want to leave you with the following checklist that you’ll need in place in order to achieve your goals.

If anything is missing from this list, go back and make it your top priority to check it off, and you’ll be another step closer to achieving financial freedom and Internet Independence.

10-Step Checklist for $100K in 12 Months (in order of importance)

1) Main Product (that gives your clients what they do NOT have)
2) Sales Page
3) Free Report (that instantly solves a big problem for readers)
4) Lead Generation/Traffic System (based on your personality)
5) Upsell Product (that offers more extreme value)
6) Daily task list (list of things to do)
7) Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Sales Goals (i.e. 3/day, 20/week, 80/month)
8] Outsourced Customer Service System
9) Recurring Revenue Product or High Priced Product Bundle
10) Mastermind Group/Peer/Affiliate Network

Whew. There you go.

Now I know you have questions, and tomorrow I’ll be back to answer them and clarify what you need to do to hit 6-figures.

Almost at $100K,

Craig Ballantyne

“Get your idea out there as fast as possible even if it’s not quite ready by setting must-hit deadlines. Let the market tell you if you have a winner or not. If not – move on and fail forward fast! If it’sgot potential – then you can make it better.” – Yanik Silver