The Internet Business That Requires NO Website

By George Dahir

You may be surprised to know that you can make money online WITHOUT a fancy, content-filled website.

But it’s true.

Not only that, you don’t need to create any products. Nor do you need a list of prospective customers. Or any employees. Or any experience.

You do need three things to make this business work:

1. You need to belong to an affiliate marketing program.

The company hosting the affiliate marketing program will pay you a commission each time you sell one of their products. Since the host company creates the products and sales copy, and handles order fulfillment, you just sit back and wait for checks to appear in your mailbox.

Some affiliate marketing programs will even pay you to recruit new affiliates. Early to Rise, for instance, has a two-tier commission structure that allows you to make 2 percent of every sale made by an affiliate you’ve recruited. (That’s on top of the 25 percent commission you get for selling ETR’s products yourself!) This means that for a product like our Insider’s Code, you could get $39.94 every time your recruit makes a sale.

2. You need a simple landing page.

This is a single Web page – not an entire website with all the bells and whistles. And when I say simple, I mean super-simple. The only thing that will appear on your landing page is some sales copy and a link to an order form.

You can set one up yourself by using the free blogging software offered by WordPress and Blogger, among others. And you can get the sales copy and the link from the host company you are affiliated with.

3. You need to set up a few pay-per-click ads.

In a nutshell, you pay for keywords related to the sales copy you get from your host company. Then, when an Internet user searches for those keywords, they have the opportunity to click on your ad. Doing so redirects them to the landing page you set up, and – in the case of ETR’s program – they can either sign up to be one of your recruits or buy one of the products you’re selling.

Some of the questions I frequently get from people interested in joining the Early to Rise affiliate program have to do with how to start a “no website” business.

As you can see, yes, you CAN do it. And if you’re good, you can make decent money. (You need to be careful, though. If you don’t fully understand the pay-per-click model, you could end up spending a lot on advertising without seeing much revenue in return.)

But why would you want to do it that way?

Setting up a website – even one that’s packed full of useful content – is NOT difficult. Nor is it expensive.

And the truth is, you can see much bigger commission checks if you set up a website to take full advantage of the program you’re affiliated with.

As I said, ETR has a two-tier commission structure. First-tier affiliates (the ones who make the sales themselves) earn a 25 percent commission on every product they sell. And some of them have gotten checks for $719,671.43… $574,833.19… $139,764.00… $174,879.13… $153,743.39… and even $756,902.60.

You can set up a website with the same free blogging software I mentioned earlier. You can fill your site with relevant content from several sources (including public domain, freelance writers, and article syndication sites). You can then use some easy-to-follow and free methods for getting traffic to your site.

And by implementing a few additional strategies, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming an affiliate marketing superstar and seeing fat checks regularly appear in your mailbox.

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