The Financial Event Your Great-Grandchildren Will Talk About With Awe

Less than 860 milligrams of active matter.

That is what finally brought World War II to a close.

To put it in perspective… 860 milligrams is about 0.0303 ounces. There are 16 ounces in a pound. Take a cube of butter and shave off a tiny flake, and you’re starting to get the picture.

That is the amount of active plutonium that went off inside “Little Boy,” 1,900 feet above Hiroshima. The resulting nuclear reaction made a firestorm that was about 2 miles in diameter. It burned at over 7,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Isn’t it mind blowing that such a tiny thing could cause such a huge explosion?

But that’s the reality of life. Big doors swing on tiny hinges. Huge ships are controlled by small rudders. Life-changing events happen in seconds.

Most people don’t realize it, but we are facing the equivalent of that 860 milligrams of active matter in the financial market today.

When it goes off, it will create a global financial firestorm that will catch tens of millions of people totally unprepared.

The event will be so forceful that it will effect a sudden and drastic transfer of wealth… the likes of which have never been seen.

Note that I did not say a destruction of wealth. I said a transfer of wealth.

That’s right. Just like in the Great Depression, money will not evaporate. The gold, the silver – all the precious things on planet Earth – and the need for humans to exchange goods and services using money will not vanish.

During the Depression, it just became harder for some people to get their hands on money. And when it becomes hard for one person to get money, it becomes extremely easy for someone else.

Consider J. Paul Getty. Getty is known for his oil empire. But he knew little about the oil industry. He was an investor. When the stock market plunged in 1929, he used his modest savings to buy up all the oil and gas stocks he could. He paid pennies on the dollar for most of them.

What others lost, he scooped up.

Then there’s Babe Ruth. In the mid-1930s, while many people were standing in bread lines, he was hitting home runs and making millions (in today’s dollars).

There are thousands of other examples, but you get the point. In a financial crisis, money does not go away… it simply transfers hands.

Right now, 860 milligrams of active financial material is being packed into its bomb casing by government leaders, financial magnates, and international rebel factions. They’ve been at it for over 40 years now.

They are doing this through the active manipulation of currencies, stock markets, real estate markets, oil prices, and commodity prices. The manipulation may work for a time. But there will be a backlash.

You see, all markets eventually spring back to their mean state or middle ground. The harder and longer they’re manipulated, the harder and faster they spring back.

Think of it as a bow and arrow.

If you draw back the string of a bow just a little, the bow will respond with just a little force. However, if you draw the string back all the way, you will get a sudden, powerful response.

The bow was drawn fairly tight from 2002 to 2007 with the manipulation of the real estate sub-prime market. Then it snapped back in an attempt to return to middle ground.

But instead of allowing the financial markets to square themselves, governments and other industries around the globe pulled back even harder.

That is when government printing presses fired up in earnest, churning out money. Since then, the drawing back of the string has become so intense that we now face the largest market manipulation in the history of the world.

The market will snap back. Said another way… it will detonate.

When it does, the result will be a shocking, instant, and possibly violent transfer of wealth from one group of humans to another.

Some believe it will transfer from one nation to another.

Could be.

But I think it will be more of a transfer from those who are unknowing and/or unprepared… to those who know what is happening and are ready to scoop up the gold, silver, cash, and other riches that will freely flow from one group to the other.

The question you should be asking yourself right now is this: “How do I position myself to be one of those who easily receive, instead of part of the group that is going to lose it all?”

It’s a smart question. The answer is easy: Find the tiny hinge that this big door will swing on and exploit it.

Just like the 860 milligrams of plutonium that sparked the chain reaction in “Little Boy,” there is one little niche-of-a-niche in the market that will detonate and start the global crisis. This is a small, relatively unknown, but extremely easy to secure, asset class.

Because it is such a small micro-niche, no one is talking about it. The spotlights are focused elsewhere. The attention is on government printing presses, real estate markets, commodities, and other “newsworthy” assets.

Not long ago, I identified this micro-niche asset class and have been telling my private clients about it. They have already seen a handsome 105% return in the past three months.

But that is nothing compared to what is coming.

The most profitable “hidden opportunity” of this current global financial crisis will be like a nuclear explosion, focused exclusively on this micro-niche asset class.

Millionaires and even billionaires will be created overnight.

Right now, the micro-niche asset is at the equivalent of a $35 billion market cap. When it is detonated, it will explode to a $3.5 TRILLION. That is a 10,000% increase.

This is the investment opportunity of five lifetimes. It has never happened before at this level. I’m sure that we will never see it happen again.

For those who know what is going on and where to focus, the money that was lost in the ugly markets of 2000-2010 can and will be made up – and then doubled or tripled in a matter of months.

Retirement funds will be filled and secured. People will suddenly have so much money that they will never have to work again. Like J. Paul Getty and Babe Ruth, while others are standing in bread lines and wondering what went wrong, they will be enjoying a life of wealth.

The story of the economic event that is about to happen will be told to our great-grandchildren. They will listen in awe because it will have become a major piece of human history.

Much like we talk about the Fall of Rome, the Civil War, “Little Boy,” and the Berlin Wall, they will talk about this massive transfer of wealth.

And just 860 milligrams of financial power – one obscure, unnoticed micro-niche asset class – will spark the whole thing.

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