The butterfly effect

When I was in my thirties, I was urged to run for political office. I put together a campaign committee of about 12 enthusiastic supporters. And I started to get carried away with the idea of making a difference in my state.

Then I called a politician I had worked with. I asked him if he had any advice. I still remember his words: “Are you financially independent?”

When I told him that I was a long way from financial independence, he said that if I ran for office in my thirties (successfully), I would never be financially independent. I would have a much lower income than I could earn in the private sector. And I would probably worry about money all my life.

That slammed the brakes on my political ambitions. I folded my campaign and went back to work as a business consultant and real estate developer. Eventually, I became a professional speaker.

It has been said, “A butterfly flapping its wings in Peru can start a change in the weather that leads to a typhoon in China.” The application of this idea is that even a casual meeting with an acquaintance can have major long-term effects.

At every stage of your life, there will be someone giving you insights and guidance that can point you in a better direction. At the same time, you can be the person giving insights and guidance that will help others.

How many times has your direction changed because you interacted with another person? Sometimes an observation from someone with more experience can change your destiny.

The Secret has been a bestseller for years. According to the book, “If you visualize and think positive thoughts, you will attract all good things into your life.”

Unfortunately, this idea is misleading. Of course, it is important to think positive thoughts. But that is not enough. You must also take continuous action in the direction of your goals, overcoming resistance, adversity, and temporary failures.

Success is not based on the Law of Attraction. It is based on the Law of Probabilities. This law says that there is a probability that everything can happen. And that you can influence those probabilities by doing more of the things that are likely to lead to your success.

Interacting with others is one of those things.

The salesperson who sees more prospects is going to make more sales than the one who stays in the office and shuffles business cards. The professional who networks with other professionals is going to dramatically increase the probability that he will meet the right person, at the right time, with the right insight or guidance that will lead to a career breakthrough.

Networking is one of the surest ways to improve your chances of meeting the right people.

How do you network? Go to industry events. Join a local entrepreneurs’ group. Attend continuing education workshops in your field. Interview successful people. However you network, you’ll meet people who can help you succeed… faster than you could do it on your own.

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