The Best Gift ETR Can Give You

Your New Life Starts Today

It was many years ago that I first read this wisdom in Early to Rise:

Every few months, you should spend a few minutes thinking about your four Life Goals – one for your wealth, one for your health, one for your social self, and one for your personal enrichment.”

These are not goals that change every day based on whims… but that require personal reflection and introspection and a long-term vision.

So today, from all of us at ETR, we give you “The Gift of a Vision for your Life” because you need a vision of where you want to be before you decide on the action steps that will take you there.


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  • Specific goal setting can work for some, for others it can be stifling. There are other methods that work better some.

    See the big picture, open ended vision of what you want. A rough draft.
    Start constructive processes and practices and do your best without attachment to outcome. Right action – do the right thing day after day, adding value to the world. Modify your actions if you are not happy with the results.

    Example – instead of a goal to lose 20 lbs, start eating healthy every day and going to the gym 5 days a week. Eat correctly and exercize. Check results. If you are not happy with the results then modify your activities. The difference here is there is no ‘final’ destination. You can continue to lose more weight, you can stop at losing 15 lbs if that is where you are comfortable, and there is no pending failure goal – just doing the right thing day after day.

    Different methods work for different people.

    Dan @ ZenPresence

  • Sabrina Walters

    Please send us the questions in writing so we can make that plan!! They go across screne way too fast to capture effectively. Goal setting is a conmtemplative exercise. Thanks so much fotr the challenge and accountability opportunity!

  • Just watched the video. it’s awesome and highly educative. I just love ETR.
    thank you sir! 🙂

  • The video is awesome and I know it’s going to help me achieve my goals in 2013. Could you please send me the questions via my e-mail? I enjoyed the video but struggled to write down the questions as it went too fast. I went back a few times to catch up but it didn’t work.