The Best Attitude to Have

On my flight to Los Angeles Thursday morning, sitting two rows behind me, was a beautiful Hollywood TV actress. I didn’t know who she was, but the flight attendants were making a big deal about her.

Now if I was back in high school, I probably would have recognized her because I kept up with pop culture, but these days I’m too busy reading, writing, and going to seminars to build my business and to learn cool stuff to pass back to you.

After the plane landed and we started walking up the bridge, I found myself walking behind this Hollywood girl, and noticed she was checking her Blackberry and not watching where she was going.

She ends up walking right past the connection from the bridge to the airport lounge and is about to run into a pole when a few of us yell, “Miss! Miss! Watch out!”

She looked up just in time.

Problem solved. And we all got a nice thank you from the famous actress.

And that’s the attitude you need to have in your business…

A problem-solving attitude.

This weekend’s seminar was hit-and-miss for the first two days. It was a lot of review from a previous seminar, but there were two key points that “paid for the seminar”.

You might think that’s a long way to travel for just two tips, but get this.

However, one of the other seminar attendees came from Perth, Australia. He flew 5 hours just to get across his own country, let alone another 13 hours to get from Australia to LA. He’s a problem solver.

That shows commitment.

On the other hand, I know people who won’t travel to a seminar if it’s not in their city. Guess who the most successful person is?

Plus, here’s one thing you need to understand.


The bigger your business, the more you can leverage just ONE small point into thousands of dollars.

As Dan Kennedy says, “Small hinges swing big doors.”

An email writing tip here, a niche marketing tip there, and boom, I’ll be able to turn those into a 10-to-1 return on my investment.

Finally, as the seminar came to a close on the 3rd day, the speaker switched gears and covered the most important thing we went for. We all got personal reviews of our video sales letters.

That was worth another 10x’s the investment for me, and probably 100 to 1000x’s the investment for some of the other guys I went with.

And even more important than all of this was the networking. I connected with the owners of 4 of the BIGGEST websites in my industry, and I helped them out. I solved their problems. Gave them ideas.

In return, they agreed to help me (and there help to me is worth far more than my help to them). But it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t applied a problem-solving attitude.

Listen, even if you don’t have a huge email list or a high-converting sales letter or video, AT LEAST be a problem solver. Help others in any way that you can. They’ll appreciate it and help you in return.

It’s all about the attitude you take.

Be a problem solver,

Craig Ballantyne

“Keep an active mind, and continue to grow intellectually. You either grow or regress. Nothing stands still.” – Kekich Credo #28