The Abundance Secret

Most business owners think that the secret to getting more profit is more and better marketing.

But that’s wrong.

Yes, better marketing will get you more leads, but that doesn’t always translate to more clients.

The ONLY thing that has direct influence on you getting more paying clients is your ability to sell yourself, and more importantly the outcome that you deliver.

Marketing = more leads.

Selling = more clients.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen business owners spend a ton of money on lead generation, only to lose the sale because they lacked a closing process.

Don’t let that be you.

If you’re good at what you do….

If you know you can deliver the results…

If your clients love you…

…then you have an ethical obligation to sell and help these people.

Unfortunately, most trainers have a hang up with selling because the first thing they see in their mind’s eye is a used car salesman.

Sure that’s one type of selling – if you can even call it that – but that’s NOT the type of selling that you should be doing.

Selling is nothing more than a transference of feelings.

Let’s take a look at my own experiences.

I’ve sold over 100,000 personal training sessions in my time.

My best sales day was $27,000 in personal training sales.

My second and third best days were $23,500 and $13,000.

My best month of selling was just over $74,000 in personal training sales.

And one time I even sold $89,705 in personal training in a 43-day stretch.

I did all of this by simply transferring feeling and becoming an assistant to the buyer and not a pushy sales guy.

Enthusiasm and passion mean a lot when you’re looking to convert a lead into a paying client.

But in addition to enthusiasm and passion you should focus on these four factors if you want to be an amazing assistant buyer.

1. Establish rapport.

Be genuine and get to know each of your prospects and leads on a personal level. Likability and trust are critical factors in someone making a buying decision.

2. Give them what they WANT.

Every person who comes in to see you has their own reason for wanting your product or service. Figure out what they want and why they want it. Why are they there to see you in the first place? What are their biggest fears, frustrations and desires? How do those relate to the solution that your products and services offer?

Once you know the answers, you can tailor your sales process to meet their wants and NOT their needs.

You will give them what they need (in addition to what they want) once they become paying clients.

3. Create massive value.

The number one reason that people don’t buy is not money, although yes, they’ll often tell you that they can’t afford your solution.

But in reality money is not the issue…

Value is.

It’s not so much about one’s ability to pay as it is about their desire to pay for your programs.

Think about it. If you saw tremendous value in something wouldn’t you find a way to pay for it?

Value creation is a by-product of client experience and results.

If you’re not letting your leads and prospects try out your program then you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

Give them the full client treatment from the get go. Let them experience the “experience’ of being your best customer. Treat them like gold from the start. Show them the value and demonstrate how your solution is different from all other options out there.

4. Ask for the sale.

Most business owners, and I was guilty of this at one point too, are afraid to ask for the sale.

They think that asking the prospect to make a decision today would some how be wrong or insulting.

But listen, if you’re great at what you do, if you deliver the solution that your prospects need, and if you believe it is worth what you charge, then ask for the sale and don’t just imply it.

As far as I’m concerned YOU have an ethical obligation to sell your products and services if you deliver results and solve people’s problems…

…otherwise your potential client is probably going to go buy a less effective solution or get ripped off by some fly-by-night company.

By not selling, you are not helping.

But when you deliver a proven solution to a prospect in pain, you are adding value to the world. That’s how you create abundance.

[Ed Note. Bedros Keuilian has coached hundreds of fitness entrepreneurs on how to not only survive in business but to completely dominate their marketplace. Through his live events, workshops, and educational products he’s helped thousands of fitness professionals realize their full business potential and in some cases become quite wealthy. These days, nothing makes Bedros happier than hearing a success story from a trainer who has used his techniques and strategies to take their business to the next level. Bedros also runs the fastest growing fitness franchise in America – Fit Body Bootcamp.]