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Thank Your Customers Over And Over Again

“Gratitude is the most exquisite form of courtesy.” – Jacques Maritain (Reflections on America, 1958)

Most of our time is spent figuring out how to get new customers. But some of it must also be spent thinking about pleasing the ones we have.

So, today, let’s spend a few minutes thinking about your customer. Not from your point of view, but from his. If you asked him to characterize himself in relationship to your business, he might remind you that . . .

* He’s the responsive guy who answered your plea with: “Me! Please! Me!”

* He’s the brave guy who bet his reputation on the promises you made.

* He’s the guy who invested his time in you. His time and his money.

* He’s the generous guy who helps pay for your mortgage, your children’s clothes, and your family vacations.

* He’s the understanding guy who has tolerated your mistakes and exaggerated promises and is still willing to give you another chance.

As Harry Beckwith points out in “Selling the Invisible,” your customer is the guy who has “laughed through the best, suffered through the worst, and said nice things about you to other people.”

“So now,” you may ask, “should I feel indebted to him?”

“Should I care about him?”

“Should I bother to tell him so?”

Today is Action Tuesday, so do something to let him know how much you care. Write a message. Make a phone call. (If you are an employee, your customer is also your boss. Think about it. Do the right thing.)