The Best Therapy for Feeling Down

Yesterday, I told you why men should be concerned when their testosterone levels begin to decline. Here’s another reason: Low levels of testosterone can cause depression.

If you are a man and you are depressed, one therapy outperforms all the rest: natural testosterone. It works faster and better than antidepressant drugs. And if used appropriately, it lacks the side effects – like impotence and weakness – of those drugs. On top of that, testosterone improves potency and strength.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Endocrinology and Metabolism concluded that depression in men aged 50 to 89 rose in direct correlation to a fall in testosterone. And in a recent Harvard study, doctors found that about 40 percent of the depressed men they interviewed had low testosterone levels. (Even the researchers were surprised by the results.) Sixty percent of those who used testosterone to treat their depression showed an improvement. This rate beats that of every antidepressant drug.

If you are feeling moody, sad, or irritable, it is important to have your testosterone levels checked. Once you know your levels, you can implement a plan to raise them and feel better.

I’ve been restoring testosterone in my male patients for years – and I have seen some dramatic changes. I use several methods, including testosterone gels, injections, and precursor supplements (which help the body make its own testosterone).

These treatments need a doctor’s prescription, but you can get the ball rolling by taking the herbal supplement I mentioned yesterday.

[Ed. Note: You can find more natural ways to increase testosterone levels in Dr. Sears’ book, 12 Secrets to Virility.]