Stop this Insanity

Last week I spent some relaxing days out on the farm and going for dog walks in the cornfield (the corn is almost taller than poor lil’ Bally the Dog – he nearly gets lost in it).

We went to check out the building progress of my mom’s new house, but sadly, there wasn’t any progress at all (more details in the July FIM).





I also caught up on some reading and stumbled across an article in the Globe and Mail that made me shake my head.

It had to do with a bunch of ‘experts’ who were getting together to try and solve a brain-drain problem on the East Coast of Canada.

Statistics showed that young people were leaving the Atlantic provinces to seek their fortunes elsewhere (as any self-reliant individual should do if they have no opportunity where they are now).

All of this was well and good until the article finished with, “By next year, conference leaders hope to release a white paper with substantive recommendations on how to
remake the Atlantic region more attractive for business.”

By NEXT year?

Why not this year?

Why not this month?

Why not now?

And really, a “white paper”?

That’s politically incorrect terminology for “a useless, but impractical consensus from a bunch of experts who have no skin in the game but are happy to take consulting fees”.

They don’t get it. They don’t realize that the problem needs to be dealt with NOW.

And so they are going to take their sweet time because there’s no REAL pressure on them.

Are YOU making the same mistake?

Are you taking TOO LONG to get your program done? Your product to market? Your e-book on Clickbank?

Stop this insanity.

It’s time to take some advice from Triumph and “Lay it on the line“.

Alright, alright…

Listen, we can’t be too hard on you, because frankly you’re not the only one taking your sweet time to solve important problems.

Even my high-priced personal coaching clients are ‘professionals’ at finding excuses to delay product creation. Just last Friday I had a call with one of my favorite clients who produced a pretty bizarre excuse for not taking action. But we got them OVER it.

Don’t make that mistake as our friends out in Atlantic Canada.

Don’t hesitate. Don’t wait.

Don’t hum and haw and debate this and that and the other thing.

So what’s the solution to our insanity of doing the same no-thing over and over again and expecting different results?

The answer is to stop finding excuses. In fact, stop looking for excuses altogether – that way you won’t find them.

Stop saying you want to change if you’re not actually going to do anything about it.

If you want to change, take action today, even if it is just the tiniest step in the right direction. Visit a website to learn more about how to achieve your goal. Buy a book. Start
reading the ones you have. Contact people who can help you.

Take that first action step. And then take another one tomorrow, and another the day after that.

Every single day from now on take another step forward toward your goal, toward the change you want to make.

Never stop and never give up.

The life we lead is because of the choices we make. These are the friends we’ve chosen. This is how we’ve decided to spend our time.

This is how we’ve decided to take care of ourselves. Our choice alone. If we want our lives to change, we have to take responsibility for the world we create for ourselves.

And the only person you can depend on is YOU.

Lay it on the line for yourself,

Craig Ballantyne

“I take nothing for granted now…I have only good days and great days.” – Lance Armstrong