One Weird Jedi Mastermind Trick

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away (where they lived in crappy little huts but somehow managed to master hyperspeed space travel), there was an Information

Marketing Mastermind group run by Yodros and Emperor Ballpatine.

The Mastermind was run in Tat Vegas, and new Mastermind member, Handheld Solo and his business partner, LandingPage Calrissian, needed help getting more traffic to their site,

Unfortunately, like many beginners, they didn’t know where to start.

That’s why he was in the Mastermind, to get help from others.

“You should connect with that affiliate bounty hunter Boba Fett,” suggested one Jedi.

“Or try buying some ForceBook ads to your site,” suggested a Sith Lord.

“Have you tried using SEO – Search Ewok Optimization?”, asked Java the Script.

On and on the suggestions went…finally, Solo turned to their leader…”Emperor Ballpatine, any tips?” Solo asked.

The Emperor looked up and all the Jedi’s looked at him in awe awaiting his answer. From deep inside his cloak he replied,


“Awesome,” Solo replied, suddenly having a moment of inspiration. “That’s exactly what I needed to hear.”

“Break for lunch now we will,” said Yodros. “But back early you will come, hmmm? Chewbacca, next he is. Review his Wookie dating site we will. Much time we will need.”

“Awwwgggghhhhhh,” the Wookie replied.

As the group broke, a new Jedi, young Anniken Skypetalker turned to his mentor, Obi-Wan Kajabi, and said,”Ben, what did Emperor Ballpatine mean when he said, ‘Something…something …something…complete.”

“How is that a helpful answer?”

“That’s a good question, young Skypetalker. The answer is in the action,” replied Obi-Wan Kajabi.

“What he means is…Solo needs to stop thinking and start taking action. He needs to do something. And then do something. And then more.

And if he keeps on doing something, before he knows it, he’ll have made BIG progress. Like Death-Star progress,” Kajabi explained.

“What-star progress?” Anniken asked.

“Oh, you’ll see, Anni, you’ll see,” Obi-Wan said. “Don’t worry about that for now. Just remember this…Take Action.”

“Most people OVER-estimate the obstacles in front of them and UNDER-estimate what they can accomplish. Don’t let this common mistake stop you. Action takers will rule the galaxy.”

“Use the force, Anni, use the force.”

Take action for good,

Craig Ballantyne

If you didn’t understand this email it just means you don’t watch enough Family Guy.

Watch this quick youtube clip for context.