5 Counter Intuitive Ways to Overcome Distraction and Achieve Your Biggest Goals

During the average afternoon, you are subjected to more distractions--both willingly and unwillingly--than previous generations experienced in an entire month. An endless stream of notifications, new content, advertisements, and other time sinks constantly pull at our...

The 7 Mistakes Holding You Back From Hitting Your First 7-Figures

Last year I started working with a client named Vance. Now Vance was a smart guy. He was good at what he did, knew how to run his business, and delivered amazing results to all of his clients. But he had a problem. After breaking through to 6-figures--more money than...

7 Simple Tactics to Increase Your Focus and Productivity 52% or More (By Tomorrow)

We live in a world that seems bound and determined to sabotage our goals. Everyday, the average American is exposed to more than 5,000 advertisements, a barrage of click bait and irresistible social media platforms, never ending streams of high-quality television and...

10 Simple Tactics to 10X Your Business and Elevate Your Thinking

Let me tell you a quick story about one of my clients. Let’s call him Dave. When we first started working together, Dave was a ‘good’ entrepreneur. From the outside looking in, many would have argued ‘great’. He was hardworking, disciplined, and had a genuine desire...
The 4 Most Important Reasons to Take a Vacation This Year

The 4 Most Important Reasons to Take a Vacation This Year

Vacations have slowly gone out of vogue in America. More time is spent working and less time is spent relaxing. It’s so bad, we’ve forgotten HOW to relax. That’s why this article tackles the three main reasons vacations aren’t a luxury—they’re a necessity.

Letters to Loved Ones

Letters to Loved Ones

Letter-writing provides dimension to our thoughts and feelings. And even if you don’t send them, they are a powerful tool for reflection. Here’s why.

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