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#1 Source of Income

In my Mastermind presentations, and private client newsletters, I spend a LOT of time drilling home this one important point.

You really need to understand that this is where you can dramatically increase your income.

I simply can’t speak enough about this component of your website business, and that is:

Your #1 Source of Income will come from building deep meaningful relationships with your clients.

Remember this rule:

It’s easier to sell to your current customers than it is to make a sale to a new customer.”


I find this is the #1 spot where most website business owners are dropping the ball (and missing out on a HUGE # of sales).

Of course, some folks are still struggling to get a lot of traffic, but that doesn’t make this lesson any less important.

After all, if you’re not making a lot of sales and traffic is hard to come by, then pleasing your current customers and offering them more value with future offers is even more important on a relative level.

Selling more to past customers is one way to avoid worrying about getting more traffic.

So let’s look at building a better relationship with your customers…

1) It’s important that you learn how to transform your passion and caring for your clients into your writing and speaking.

Once you do, you’ll be a hit and your business will grow big- time (with a big “word of mouth” component from happy clients).

2) The first thing you must do is STOP being boring.

Put some enthusiasm into your communications. And don’t forget, you have to be authentic with your enthusiasm. It helps if you do a job that you would do even if you had all the money in the world.

I know that even if I were as rich as Gates or Buffet, I’d never stop writing my fitness or Internet Independence emails.

It’s like working out, you couldn’t stop me from it.

I’ll go to the grave with fingers “clickin and a clackin” on this keyboard (or on whatever amazing tool we’ll be using in the future), and I’ll never stop teaching others how to succeed…

I will never stop as long as I know there is someone unhappy about their weight or a business owner frustrated by being overworked and underpaid and frustrated by the internet.

3) Do NOT be vague, scattered, plain, uninteresting, cheap, or “for everyone”.

You must take a stand. Your business has to be about something.

This means attracting a certain group of folks and repelling another group. In the fitness world, I write for people who seek “hope” and a “2nd chance”.

I know a lot about my readers…what to say, what not to say, and the tone of voice to say it in.

And I don’t care if I turn off high-testosterone young men who think they know it all – those aren’t my loyal readers anyway.

We are in the customer relationship business, and I write to give hope to my readers that they can end their frustration and stop their tears when it comes to their weight loss program.

So take a few minutes and think about who you are really writing to in your business.

4) Focus on Customer Lifetime Value

This is no place for one night stands.

It’s all about building a relationship and the lifetime value of customers.

Build your business by getting customers in front end without worrying about making money. Give away 100% in affiliate commissions for that first sale if it makes sense.

Then make money on the backend by creating more value for your clients and delivering them more solutions.

If you can make money or break even on customer acquisition, then you are set. Running a real business is not just a one shot sale and on to the next mindset.

Make it count.

Show you care.

Add value to someone’s life.

More about money tomorrow,

Craig Ballantyne

Get one important thing done early in the day before you get sucked into putting out fires. Get up earlier if you need to…
and remember…”Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn