Something for Nothing

Can you afford to give away something for nothing to attract new customers? Not only can you… you should.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

My son runs a software-development company, And he recently sent out a press release announcing an offer that might sound too good to be true. His promise: I’m going to give you Koloroo software for Windows, Windows Mobile, or your iPod that’s worth as much as $50… for nothing. All you have to do in return is agree to perform an act of kindness.

How can he do it? Easy. As we’ve mentioned many times in ETR, the Internet has made it possible to digitally deliver information products – including software – at almost zero cost. (In fact, as I write this – four days after the release went out – 43,000 people have already downloaded the free software.)

Why is he doing it? Sure, he’s a good guy. But there’s a practical, business-grounded reason too. Because if he does it right, his “careware” giveaway will not only lure people to his website but also snag a lot of free publicity. As a result of that, he’s hoping to attract new customers – big businesses – to his company’s consulting and design services. Plus, because he’s encouraging people who take him up on his offer to share their good deeds on his website, he’s thinking he’ll somehow be able to use their feedback to develop another creative marketing campaign.

So, yes, visitors to his website are getting something for nothing. But so is his company.

Today, come up with your own idea – something you can give away to entice your current customers to see what’s new on your website… to attract new customers… or to get some free publicity for your products/services. Tomorrow, figure out how you can get the word out – maybe via a press release, an e-mail to your in-house list, and/or posts on a few social networking sites.

And then do it.

[Ed. Note: After a little brainstorming, you’re sure to have dozens of ideas for attracting customers to your website. ]