Social Proof Examples That Will Increase Your Sales

social proof

Social proof is powerful.

Social proof is seeing examples of other people getting results.

It’s what you see when infomercials show success story after success story.

It’s what you call the testimonial quotes in sales letters, on billboards, etc.

As an entrepreneur, you’re in the position to influence, inspire, and create something of great value for your community. One of the best ways to build trust, demonstrate your credibility, and establish your authority in your market is through social proof.

Social proof is a powerful principle in persuasion psychology and it’s an essential element in any robust marketing strategy.

It’s what we’re referring to when toothpaste commercials state, “Four out of five dentists recommend…”

Social Proof Makes it Easier for You to Sell.

Firstly, let’s look at what social proof really is.

It’s a phenomenon where people imitate the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.

Simply put, we are wired to trust the crowd. In a business context, this translates into potential customers looking at what others are saying about your product or service before they decide to buy.

It’s often the missing link in your sales message.

So, let’s fix the missing link of Social Proof in your sales system.

Here’s how Bedros Keuilian uses social proof to fill his coaching programs…

He makes case study videos with his clients… He posts video testimonials from his clients… he even did an Instagram story yesterday of him coaching one of his clients.

  • Social Proof = Seeing it work for others
  • Social Proof = Seeing others invest in it
  • Social Proof = Seeing other people with the same obstacles as us … or more! … Getting results

I have lots of Social Proof for my Unstoppable Mastermind events.

Now, why is social proof so important? As human beings, we have a natural tendency to rely on the experiences of others to guide our decision-making process.

It’s a fundamental part of our social fabric. When it comes to purchasing decisions, your prospective customers are much more likely to be persuaded by the positive experiences of others than by the most clever sales pitch.

As soon as one entrepreneur (like a Fit Body Bootcamp owner) attends my workshop, word of mouth spreads.

They convince one another. They push each other off the fence to take action.

There are multiple ways to incorporate social proof into your marketing strategy. Customer testimonials, case studies, reviews, social media shares, and influencer endorsements – are all powerful forms of social proof that you can leverage.

Incorporating these elements into your marketing materials, website, and overall online presence will provide your prospective customers with the validation they need to choose your business over your competitors.

I also have a couple dozen video testimonials on for this very reason.

Here’s why you need social proof… People go through several stages of objections:

a) It won’t work for anyone.
b) It’ll work for some people, but it won’t work for anyone that doesn’t have a lot of time or natural ability.
c) It’ll work for others, but it won’t work for me because of (insert objection they think is specific to them).

If you don’t conquer ‘c’ with social proof, they get to fall back on their individual fears… “I don’t have enough money,” or “you haven’t worked with someone like me before,” or “I have a cat, a dog, and 1.3 kids!”

People use objections like that because they are scared to take the first steps…

But you know what makes first steps easier?

Seeing other people’s footprints.

That means case studies… testimonial videos… quotes… referrals… and nudges from someone that knows someone else.

That’s why I ask my attendees to nudge potential clients. I ask them to mention to my prospects how much they loved the workshop… which nudges them slightly more off the fence to attend… plus all of the social media social proof I post, like pictures of happy attendees.

To truly maximize the effectiveness of social proof, you need to ensure it is authentic. Genuine customer testimonials and reviews are far more powerful than manufactured ones.

Not only does authenticity build trust, it also creates a stronger connection with your audience. Show real people with real stories, and you will create real impact.

So, start strategizing some social media ideas… We’ll fix this little social proof bottleneck in your system yet!

How You Can Collect Testimonials to Gather Social Proof

Firstly, start with providing an exceptional experience. Before you even think about asking for a testimonial, ensure that your product or service has truly made a positive impact on the client or colleague.

A delighted customer is much more likely to agree to provide a testimonial, and their words will carry genuine enthusiasm that prospective customers can recognize and trust.

When it comes to actually asking for the testimonial, be direct but gracious. Explain why you’re asking for their help and how much you value their opinion.

Emphasize that their feedback will not only assist you in improving your business, but also help others make informed decisions. Remember, people generally enjoy helping others, especially if they have benefited from your product or service.

Make it as easy as possible for them to give you a testimonial. Most of my clients will record a video from their cell phone. The rawness of a video filmed on an iPhone increases trust and “realism” of the testimonial.

In your request, prompt them with specific questions or areas to focus on. This can help your clients or colleagues articulate their thoughts more easily, and also ensures you get testimonials that align with your key selling points.

Ask them to share their experiences before and after using your product or service, or how it compares to other solutions they have tried. The more specific and personal their story, the more compelling the testimonial will be.

Once you’ve received the testimonial, express your gratitude for their time and effort.

Finally, be sure to utilize these testimonials effectively. Feature them prominently on your website, in your marketing materials, and on social media. This showcases the value of your product or service, and the trust that others have in you and your business.

In the world of entrepreneurship, your reputation is your most valuable asset.

Testimonials are an excellent way to reinforce your credibility, highlight the value you deliver, and ultimately, attract more clients and grow your business.

So, take the time to seek out these testimonials – they are well worth the effort!

If you’ve been following Bedros Keuilian on Instagram then you’ve been watching him sell through Instagram stories. He’s a master.

So if you want more coaching clients, here’s a challenge: I want you to make a Five-part Instagram Video Story BEFORE the end of the week.

Watch the ones I post on my Instagram account, and watch the ones that Bedros does in his stories. Also, watch Grant Cardone’s stories… He’s a machine.

The story you should create should end with a call to action (CTA)… preferably to apply for coaching with you, or at least to join your email list.

By getting good at IG stories, you can supplement the power of your email list…

Email is still the best for selling people into your program, but it is no longer the only way to do it…

IG is powerful, very powerful, at building the Know-LOVE-Trust factor needed to convert followers into coaching clients.

Start collecting those testimonials, showcasing your customer success stories, and sharing user-generated content.

Remember, you’re not just selling a product or service. You’re building a community. Leverage the power of that community to grow your business. The results will speak for themselves.

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