Make Your Mission Statement Simple, Straightforward, And Easy To Understand

Does your company’s mission statement look something like this?: “We work toward harnessing niches and strategizing our effort-intensive infomediaries.” Or this?: “Our obligation is to work to revolutionize our solutions and tirelessly embrace synergies to enable us skillfully aggregate supply-chains.”

These gobbledygook examples come to us courtesy of, the random-mission-statement generator program. Unfortunately, I’ve seen many just like them that are for real. And if your mission statement looks anything like this, you’d better make some changes. The ideal mission statement has a single, unifying idea.

A good example is this one from Leadership Strategies magazine, defining Ford Motor Company’s strategy for the 21st century: “To build a stronger business by making its automobiles more affordable — economically, environmentally, and socially.” Remember, unless people can make sense out of what you’re talking about, you might as well not have a mission statement at all.