SEO Reputation Management

So yesterday a big emergency popped up for a good friend of mine.

Turns out someone from his past wanted to “ruin his life”, bought the website domain of his name, and put up a bunch of lies.

You might even know someone who had that happen to them.

Obviously, if you don’t know anything about how the Interwebz works, this can be extremely stressful.

Fortunately, my friend knows me, and I know Rick Porter.

So here’s the action plan we’re implementing…and then I’m going to leave you with the best $30 online reputation tip you better start implementing immediately.

First, our plan.

Step #1 – We start by buying about a dozen domain names.

The is the most powerful, and that’s what these jerky boys bought for my friend’s name.

That said, even if you don’t have a, you can still beat those sites with better linking, even if you have a “-” in the site name, such as

The next best URLs are .net and .org. So we ordered those, plus a bunch of others, one of them being a .ca and and then we got the

Step #2 – 1000 word articles

This is where Super-Craig steps in. I don’t know anything about linking or website building, but my super power is writing – fast.

I’ll crank out the three 1000 word articles in about 90 minutes. Fortunately, I have lots of stuff to work with, but even from scratch, I just let my mind go and fingers clickety-clack, and before you know it, the word count hits 1000.

I’m clearly not writing Pulitzer-prize material here, but we don’t care. We just want our pages to take over the rankings and get the bad listing off page 1.

By the way, don’t miss the point here – the articles I’m writing are 1000 words, not wimpy 500 word articles.

As Rick mentioned in a recent SEO article, Google is rewarding sites that have more content. We recently had to work extra hard to overcome a specific website for a rather small search term, but the site we were trying to beat stayed strong because it had a lot of unique content on it.

As Rick said to me about that case, “longer content will outrank short content even when the longer content has no backlinks.”

So bottom line for all your sites: The more unique content the better.

Step #3 – Rick Porter to the Rescue

Rick will take my articles and spin them and submit them to a lot of other article directory sites and a bunch of secret sites that only Rick seems to know about.

Then he sends links back to those articles and they link to each other and to the main articles I’ve written in a big link spider web.

Rick is the Rambo of SEO.

In a few days, our articles will take over almost all of the places on google for searches on my friend’s name.

We also had a couple of things working in our favor.

First, my friend has a really good social media presence. So his Linked-In and Facebook pages are already taking the top spots for searches on his name.

, the jerky boys who put up the malicious site don’t know much about backlinking, and so its not a “strong site”, even though they have his NAME.COM.

, Rick and I have done this before.

In fact, Rick gets paid $6000 per case to do this type of Reputation Management for big corporations and celebrity names. Money well spent by those companies.

But you can start avoiding all of these headaches for a measly $30. Don’t be too cheap to take action on this (like I was – back in the day I only registered, and someone else has the .org).

I encourage YOU and ALL of your business minded friends to buy the following:


$20-30 per year well spent…even if you don’t ever do anything with them…you simply don’t want someone else (jaded business partners, ex-wives/husbands, evil super villains, etc.) to have them.

Don’t let 30 bucks ruin your reputation.

Protect yourself,

Craig Ballantyne

“Failure or refusal to think accurately about self, market, customers, economics, staff, and every other darned thing is THE chief cause of ALL failure – personal, professional, financial, relationship.

Aspirations and ambitions detached from accurate thinking and facts and realistic expectations lead only to frustration and failure.” – Dan Kennedy