Sending Clear E-Mails

When sending an e-mail to a colleague or co-worker, it is all too easy to mix irrelevant information with important points and questions that need answers. The result can be confusing. Instead, make requests and questions easy to find and read by setting them apart from the rest of the message with bullet points.

So, instead of this…

Hi Frank,

How are you doing? About that Asian market report… what is the deadline? And is the data you sent me last week still valid? I’ll be finished with the intro later today. Do you want me to send it to the graphic designer, or would you like to take a look first? By the way, I found some art that is perfect. I’ll send that over too.

Try this…

Hi Frank,

I’ll be finished with the intro for the Asian market report today. I have some artwork that I think is perfect. I’ll send it to you this afternoon. I also have a few questions:

1. Would you like to take a look at the intro before I send it to the graphic designer?

2. What is the deadline for the rest of the report?

3. Is the data you sent last week still valid?

When you number your questions, it allows the other person to reply to them in an easy way:

1. Yes

2. Next Monday 6/2

3. Yes

(Source: Lifehacker