Selling Legal Services Without the Law Degree

You can offer legal services on the Web – and, get this, you don’t have to pass a bar exam! You don’t even need a law degree or any real legal experience.

The opportunity I’m talking about calls for selling legal services and documents on the Web as an affiliate for established companies.

I’ve used Web-based legal services personally, most recently to set up a living trust. So, trust me, they are legit (at least, the ones I’m familiar with are). Plus, I’ve saved more than $2,300 over what an attorney would charge. That cost saving is what will attract customers to you and should be featured prominently in your marketing copy.

I recommend affiliating yourself with A few other choices include and As an affiliate, you market their services on the Internet. Whenever one of your “clients” purchases a legal document or service from them, they pay you a commission.

Granted, there are products and services you won’t be able to offer as an online affiliate, like handling criminal or tax cases. And – this is a biggie – you can’t represent yourself as a lawyer or law firm. But the most common legal documents, incorporations, business agreements, trusts, wills, small claims, bankruptcies, and divorces can be managed effortlessly. And there are many innovative ways to market these products and services, including e-mail, text links, pay-per-click ads, Web banners, videos, and more.

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