See You in November!

I make it a point to tell people how beautiful it is here in Delray Beach, Florida. Especially in November, when we host our annual Info-Marketing Bootcamp.

If you’ve never been to our host hotel, the Delray Beach Marriott, overlooking the ocean, you’re in for quite a treat when you come to this year’s Bootcamp!

You can get up extra early and take a stroll along the beach. (And if you bump into me – I walk my dog there every morning – be sure to say hi!)

In fact, you might want to schedule a little extra time here.

The area is breathtakingly beautiful during the day, and at night it’s hopping with Zagat-rated restaurants and bars.

Many of our speakers can be found at the local watering holes after the sessions end for the day – giving you excellent opportunities to network.

The bar at the Marriott is actually notorious for impromptu meetings. For example, it’s where Bootcamp attendee Rob Gramer bumped into one of our presenters – one of the biggest names in the info-marketing business.

They struck up a conversation, and Rob ended up showing him his portfolio. When Rob suggested working together, the man said sure – simple as that!

“He connected me with a nationally renowned speaker and personal friend to Bill Clinton,” Rob told me. “As a result of this relationship, I could easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

“And,” he added, “that’s only ONE of the projects that’s come from Bootcamp!”