Sales Video Update

Apparently I broke the internet last week and I didn’t send the right link for my video.

Here it is…the correct link, I promise:


I also wanted to share another cool video…showing you what the smartest video sales letter guys are up to.

You see, they’ve added in these little cartoon drawings and it’s almost impossible to stop watching.

This is Mike Geary’s latest sales video for his abs product.

I hate video and I couldn’t stop watching the silly thing.

NOTE: From what I understand it costs quite a bit of money to have an artist do this…several thousand dollars.

That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone comes up with a cheaper way to do it soon.

And when that happens, there’s no doubt we’ll see a 3rd generation video sales letter update.

Finally, there’s a big over-riding lesson here that isn’t just about sales letters…

…it’s about being resistant to complacency.

Like it or not, things change.

Just when you get your business turning a nice profit, your sales methods will probably stop working.

And then you’ll have three choices:

1) Get mad and quit (which I know you won’t do)

2) Be complacent, don’t change with the times, and suffer (too many people do this)

3) Resist the urge to rest on your laurels and instead study what’s working, identify and test new ways of doing things, mastermind with other like-minded success stories, and rise to a new level of success.

May I recommend choice #3?

I know you’re with me on that,

Craig Ballantyne

“What if you kept going? What if you dismissed your genetics and all the other excuses and just kept at it and kept working hard?” – Alwyn Cosgrove