Ryan Deiss Kills the Internet

Friday was the ultimate day. Started with a workout, then a great breakfast with Ryan Deiss’ affiliate manager, followed by a private meeting with Ryan, and then all of my buddies (Vince, Joel, Adam, Geary, etc.) showed up at Ryan’s office for a private mastermind.

Plus we had authentic breakfast tacos and Texas BBQ for lunch.

But most importantly, Ryan Deiss gave us a complete, no-holds barred inside look into his business, his traffic methods, their email secrets, and much, much more.

Easily the best Mastermind/coaching day I’ve ever been a part of.

Unfortunately, I can’t share 99% of what Ryan told us, but there were 3 things that he said on Friday that I’ve heard him and his business partner Perry mention at other seminars.

And these aren’t just throw-away tips.

These are 3 essential factors that I’ve used to build my business from Day 1 – and even more so since I discovered that Ryan and Perry believed in them as well.

#1 – The people who make the most money have the most products.
Therefore you always need to be creating products and streams of income.

#2 – People are interested in people with passion.

Therefore, huge opportunities remain in building your ravings fans and getting them to invest more (i.e. higher priced follow along DVD’s).

If you can continue to be passionate, you will attract other people interested in YOU and your message. That will allow you to identify their problem and offer them the perfect solution.

So keep up the great work, and be LOUD and PROUD of your decision to help others improve their health.

#3 – People are now more willing to work hard

The recession has changed America’s attitude.

During the years of 2000-2007 it was all about getting the most toys with the least amount of work – “the push-button magic pill syndrome”.

But since the recession of 2008-2009, America has been brought back to reality – and more importantly, to its roots of hard work, ingenuity, and pride in “rollin-up-the-sleeves-to-get-the-job-done”.

Perry’s example that he gave back in September 2010 at their Traffic and Conversion Summit was that of the crazy hard infomercial workout offers.

When a program like that is popular enough that you can buy TV media, then you know a shift has been made in the mindset of what people are willing to do for succeed.

And I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a good mindset change.

So those are the 3 pillars that I’ve built my fitness – and internet coaching business – upon with no regrets.

I encourage you to consider the same.

And now, finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

My first Internet Independence affiliate promotion.

Ryan is re-launching a product over the next two weeks, and I highly recommend that you:

a) Follow the launch

b) Download the complimentary report here:

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c) Eventually get the product.

I’m a paying member of the product he’ll be releasing next week. I’ve been a member for over 3 months.

And I have a funny story about that, but I’ll save it for next week.

In the meantime, grab Ryan’s new report here:

=> http://tinyurl.com/DeissKillstheInternet

Almost as good as being in Ryan’s office,

Craig Ballantyne

“When it comes to making money online you should concern yourself with only two items. TRAFFIC and CONVERSION.” – Jimmy Sweeney