Readers Respond

I’ve gotten some great feedback from readers about my recent essay, “The Most Important Thing I Ever Learned About Health.”

Quite a few people have asked for further information about the book by Dr. Nortin M. Hadler that I mentioned in the essay. So here goes…

The name of the book is Worried Sick: A Prescription for Health in an Overtreated America. It was published in 2008 by the University of North Carolina Press.

Dr. Hadler, a UNC professor, is a powerful advocate for change. In the book, he sets his sights on separating genuine medical advice from marketing opportunism. Looking at screenings, diagnoses, drugs, and surgeries, he exposes an excessive and expensive industry, and finds its solutions to be ineffective.

He’s also written a follow-up book… the equally excellent Stabbed in the Back: Confronting Back Pain in an Overtreated Society. In this one, he gives a comprehensive overview of what he calls the “backache industry.” He investigates why modern medicine has failed to properly address one of the most common and debilitating problems of our time… and finds a multibillion-dollar industry getting rich on it. Best of all, he backs up everything he says with real research and scientific evidence. Dr. Hadler tells it like it is… even though that may be tough to hear.

I highly recommend both Stabbed in the Back and Worried Sick.

Talking about back pain, I’ve also heard from lots of readers praising the free back-pain report given away by Natural Health Dossier. It really is a great report, and I’m glad it’s been received so well. If you haven’t yet checked it out, you can still claim your free copy here.