Reader Feedback: Thanks for the Advice

“Thank you for such a great e-mail newsletter.

“The article How a Google AdWords Campaign Can Help You Rev Up Your Sales by Alexis Siemon was an eye opener for me. The two sentences ’Google isn’t the king for nothing. Appease the king and he’ll share his gold.‘ jarred my senses, and have been indelibly fused upon my business brain. I took that advice, and have been enjoying a 30 percent increase in my sales ever since. THANK YOU.

“How, exactly, did I put Ms. Siemon’s advice to work? It couldn’t have been more simple. I started a Google AdWords campaign. Started, not modified or improved.

“I had done Yahoo, MSN, and Google search engine submissions before, but never tried Google AdWords. The ‘king’ was ‘appeased,’ and he almost immediately started to ’share his gold’!

“I had wondered why people told me I was so hard to find online when I have the largest, most relevant website for what I do. I tried a Google search myself, and… nothing! Well, almost nothing. The first reference to my website was eight pages in. On Yahoo, I was always #1, and about #3, #4, and #7-10 – four hits on the first search page. I hardly even showed on Google. So tell your readers to learn from my mistake and don’t EVER take your placement on one search engine for granted due to your placement on another. $100 a month in AdWords is equalling about $5,000 a month in extra ‘high margin’ sales for me. That was valuable business advice if I’ve ever seen any. Thank you again!”

Danny Bowes
Foresters Falls, Ontario, Canada

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