Upset Readers Have Their Questions Answered

Well I seem to have upset a few folks this week – as I often do – by telling you that you MUST go to Yanik’s seminar.

Turns out some folks just don’t have the funds to go and join a Mastermind group or attend all the seminars I recommend.

Listen, that’s alright, I understand. I needed a couple of years to scrape up the funds to join my first Mastermind too, but that did not stop me from creating my own before I joined an “official” group.

You can still start your own networking event in your hometown or even your own online Mastermind group. You can do online networking in some forums or on blogs…until your business is making you enough money to invest in seminars and serious mastermind groups.

Where there is a will, there is a way. You CAN do it! Never give up, and never accept excuses.

Now here’s another hot topic we have to discuss, because I get asked about this all the time as well…

Q: Rich asks – There are already other experts selling what I want to sell. How can I find a marketplace that isn’t crowded? I have a similar story as these other experts and want to share it with the world.

The truth is that there will NEVER be a good time to enter a marketplace. You will never find a great marketplace that is not already crowded.

But if you believe you have been put here to spread your story and share what you have learned, then you need to jump in.

You will also need to work very hard at developing your UNIQUE angle. You will need to show the world why you are different than the other options available to them, and you will have to demonstrate why you DESERVE traffic and attention.

If you still struggle with the right mindset, here’s a great video for you – a free video – from internet marketing legend, Frank Kern.


He shows you what to “feed your brains” for success. Classic Kern.

Q: Ian asks – Craig, loved your book list. What are you reading now?

As I mentioned in my original list, I was reading “Switch” and I just finished it up after my trip to Vegas. It was excellent – going to be tough to find a better book this year, because it applies to both my main businesses and to many changes I want to make in my life.

If your business helps people make a change, then you MUST read this book. You`ll be dramatically better at whatever you do.

If you need help making a change, on a personal or professional level, Switch is a mandatory read, especially if are struggling to get going.

One thing I’ve found in coaching business owners is that they always need a constant push in the right direction, and this book will help, because there is no time to waste.

As my friend Simon Black said yesterday in his email, “I know it’s easy to kick the can down the road…but I would urge you to take action immediately.”

The world is changing fast and you don’t want to get left behind.

After I finished ‘Switch’, I started reading, “Empowered“.

If you have a customer support team, I highly recommend this book. It will show you ‘how to transform your company by unleashing the mighty force of empowered employees’.

Take action today,

Craig Ballantyne

“There is only one way…to get anybody to do anything. And that is
by making the other person want to do it.” – Dale Carnegie

  • Beth Stowers

    Hi Craig!

    I got the link for your Website from Sovereign Man, as I receive his newsletters too.

    I wanted to tell you “thank you” for your great advice about attending live events, and especially the great recommendation you gave for Yanik Silver’s event next month. 🙂 I really, really wanted to attend that but cannot. Next year, however, I plan to go.

    I have only been to a few live events and I believe everyone should attend them to. What I have been to has been empowering, educational and a great way for me to connect with others who share like-minded goals and dreams. There are many, many people who do not have the same mindset as me and things get lonely sometimes. But at a live event, there are lots of us crammed into the same room or taking part in the same activities. That’s priceless!

    Thank you again for your recommendation and thank you for your awesome, super-valuable blog. Yours is unlike many other blogs out there and everything you teach is applicable, real, and full of great information.

    Beth Stowers

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Beth!


  • Shaun

    GREAT reminder of how to stand out in today’s crowded market Craig.

    REALLY enjoying these posts…keep em’ comin!