Put your profits on autopilot

If you’re an Internet marketer and you’re not taking advantage of autoresponders to accelerate your profits, listen up. (And if you are, listen up anyway. Because I have a few tricks up my sleeve for you.)

Fact is, a well-written follow-up e-mail series delivered to your prospects via autoresponder can make a huge difference …

It can bring boatloads of potential buyers back to your sales pages faster and easier than just about anything else.

I’ve seen conversion rates double … triple … even quadruple for some of my clients using follow-up autoresponders. One of them even pulled in a six-figure affiliate check from a single e-mail I wrote for him. That’s correct. ONE e-mail!

But there’s lots to consider when putting together a powerful, persuasive follow-up e-mail campaign to people who have “opted in” to receive information from you. And one of the most critical pieces is the length of the series.

Some Internet marketers have a series of 52 e-mails that go out once a week for an entire year. Others have one message a day — every day — for 365 days. Others send only one a month.

I don’t recommend sending one every day. When you send an e-mail to your list every day, there’s no relationship there. Your prospects are nothing but e-mail addresses in your autoresponder account. And that means lots of “unsubscribes” as well as very few sales in the future.

For me, autoresponders are all about building relationships. And marketing to people every day is not the way to do it. When you establish a relationship with your prospect, the chances that they’ll become a customer skyrocket. And when you nurture that relationship, they will buy from you again and again.

So … how long should your autoresponder series be?

In my experience, it’s not how many e-mails are in the series, it’s what inside that counts. The ideal e-mail sequence hits on a different want, need, desire, or problem of your prospect in each message. And the product you’re selling is positioned as the answer to that particular want, need, desire, or problem.

For your first e-mail, pull out one problem from your sales message and show how your product deals with it. For your second e-mail, pull out a different problem. Do this over and over again until you’ve covered them all.

I have found that seven to 10 autoresponder messages usually covers all the major wants, needs, desires, or problems a prospect may have. The key is to find the hot button that hits each prospect right in the gut. It might be E-Mail 2 for one prospect, E-Mail 5 for another, or E-Mail 7 for yet another. But by covering all your bases, you’ll eventually hit every prospect’s hot button dead center and drive them back to your sales message.

How often should you send those e-mails?

I have found that one message every three days works very well. This keeps you in your prospect’s mind, but it’s not so drawn out that they forget about you. If you deliver content about every three days, they’ll think, “I remember I subscribed to this. I wanted to get this information.”

And here’s a tip: “Bookend” the series with an opener and a closer.

The opener — the “welcome” e-mail — should pat them on the back for signing up to receive information from you. It should then give a brief overview of what they’re going to be learning in the next few e-mails you send.

The closer is what I call the “whatcha gonna do?” message. It should combine everything they’ve read in the series and ask them — flat out — to take action now.

Here’s another tip: Send that welcome e-mail immediately after they opt in. That’s when they’re at their hottest. Then follow up with the first e-mail in the series the following day. Don’t send both e-mails on the same day. It’s a little too in-your-face. (And many autoresponder systems won’t even let you do it.)

Make sure the first e-mail in the series is your strongest. When you’re writing these e-mails (or having somebody do it for you), you’ll see which ones really pop and have the most pulling power.

After you’ve sent those first two e-mails, start spacing the rest out every 3 days. This is what works for me, and I think it will work for you too.

You’ll soon have an e-mail marketing campaign that generates a steady stream of passive income for your business.

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