Profits by Mail

It’s so irritating to pay a late fee when you return a rental movie a day (or 30 days) late. Was anyone else really trying to rent Gigli during the two extra days I held on to it? Not likely. So why should I pay a fine when the movie was just going to sit on a shelf?

There is a solution that many folks have turned to.


This online movie rental service has no late fees. Ever. And their selection is much more extensive than what you find at your neighborhood Blockbuster or video store. The perks are better too. New releases are almost always available. You can schedule your next 10 movie deliveries – and you can modify your list if your tastes change. To return a movie, you just drop it in the mail. In about two days, the next one on your list is delivered. And now, you can even download and watch Netflix movies on your computer.

The best part is that a subscription to get one DVD at a time is under $10/month, cheaper than renting two movies a month from most video rental places.

With subscriptions being bought as holiday gifts for family and friends, Netflix (NFLX) should ride a revenue wave that will push its stock price up over the next few months. Currently trading around the $27/share level, I expect it to pop back up to the $32-$34/share level soon. Pick up some shares now.

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