Productivity Tip: 2 Free Online Calendars

If you do not have a computer-based calendar program (like Outlook, Entourage, or iCal) to manage your time, Google and Yahoo have free full-feature online calendars to fill that void. In fact, their features rival – and in some cases surpass – the more traditional computer-based programs.

Both calendars are easy to use, and both allow you to share your schedule with others. Why would you want to share with others? Planning family events, coordinating work schedules, and organizing meetings and phone calls with clients are three good reasons. And both allow you to limit who has access to your shared calendars. (Google has more options in this regard.)

The Google and Yahoo calendars fully support the following browsers (which must have JavaScript and cookies enabled):

  • Microsoft IE 6.0 (Windows)
  • Firefox (Windows Mac Linux)
  • Safari (Mac)

Both have too many features to describe here. However, they are worth taking a look at, even if you already use a computer-based calendar program.

You can find Google’s calendar at Click on “More” in the top link bar, then click “Calendar” on the drop-down menu.

You can find Yahoo’s calendar at (NOTE: No “www”)

[Ed. Note: Will Newman is the editor of AWAI’s The Golden Thread online newsletter – a free weekly alert loaded with writing and marketing secrets, tips, and insights.]