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Epic Business Upsell Faillllll

Guy walks into a shoe store.

Before they can even ask if he needs help, he says,
“Can you help me buy some shoes?”

Clearly, he means business.

Five minutes later, after trying on 3 pairs, he picks one,
WITHOUT even asking the price, and says, “These are good.”

Saleswoman rings them up.


She hands the box to the customer, wishes him a good day,
and let’s him walk out.

Epic. Business. Failllllllllll. (<= Attack of the Show reference)

By now, you’ve probably guessed the customer was me.

(If you didn’t, frankly, you’re a little slow today. Go grab
a coffee or mainline a Red Bull or something.)

Hopefully you also see the problem.

They didn’t even try and sell me anything else. And I was
waiting for them too.

Now to be honest, I didn’t need or want anything else.

But if they would have said, “You want some socks with that?”

I would have replied, “Sure, throw in a couple of pairs.”

Literally, they could have sold me another $100 worth of
stuff if they had just tried.

But they didn’t. Not even a hint of effort.

This is the REAL reason why most businesses struggle.

It’s not because of the economy or even their competition,
it’s because of their own ineptitude.

They aren’t even TRYING.

Shock, horror. That’s right. It’s their personal responsibility
that they aren’t successful.

In contrast, let me tell you about a place that gets it right.

As you know I travel a lot. And each time I go to the airport
I buy a magazine or some almonds at one of the newsstands.

In the Toronto Airport, someone is paying attention, because
every transaction ends with, “Would you like something to
drink or some gum to go with that?”

Every. Single. Time.

Whoever owns that franchise of magazine stores is smart. And
kudos to the employees for following the script they have
been given.

That’s how you run a business.

You sell stuff.

And when you sell something, you immediately try and sell
more value to that person.

That’s Sales 101.

Now take a look at your business.

Are you maximizing every opportunity you have to provide
your customer with value via an upsell (of a product that is
specifically related to the first purchase) or cross-promotion
(of something that is unrelated – like being offered gum after
buying a magazine, as in the airport example)?

This is so incredibly easy to do on a website.

With Clickbank,,, etc.,
you can set up a 1-click upsell in minutes.

This is where the customer can add more products to their
order without having to re-enter their credit card info.

A 1-click upsell is essential for maximizing revenue.

People WANT to give you more money in exchange for more value.

Don’t drop the ball.

But if you do, don’t blame it on anyone else.

Your hands, your fumble.

Time to take responsibility,

Craig Ballantyne