Time Management and Product Launches

I hate it when I “let a day get away from me”. And that almost happened twice this week. That I mean is I hate getting away from my to-do list, and feeling like I haven’t gotten anything done.

That’s why I do two things – two things that you should incorporate into your time management strategy so you get more done.

1) Do one important task first thing in the morning before you get into your daily routine of emails, checking your stats or shopping cart, etc.

For me, it’s always a 500-1000 word article, and I can write these up really fast. Then I send it over to Rick Porter who applies his magic SEO voodoo to it, and up the rankings it goes.

2) I use “end times” for tasks.

This is something I learned from Dan Kennedy, who explained that not only do we need to script our day and make to-do lists (both are elementary), but we also need to have END times for each task.

Now what most people do is they write down:

9am – Start writing chapter 3 of product

But that’s it.

Kennedy recommends you write down

9:45am – Chapter 3 finished.

This gives you a deadlines and now you are committed to getting the work done in that time…otherwise, we suffer from Parkinson’s Law, which states that the work will expand to fill the time given to it. And if you don’t have a deadline, that means you could take
2 hours or even 2 days to finish the task.

Remember – you only get paid for done.

By the way, this works really well for phone calls. It’s fine to have a phone meeting scheduled…but make sure you have an end-point scheduled for the call as well, so you don’t keep chit-chatting yourself into a wasted day.

Finally, I want to finish off my main point from yesterday.

Not only do we need these time management tips, but we also need to make sure we’re Preview working on the most important things, such as traffic and conversion.

The best traffic strategies are:

1) Product launches
2) General affiliate referrals (everything outside product launches)
3) Search Engine Optimization
4) Paid traffic (if you can still get it anywhere)
5) Video marketing

All of these require daily lessons – and entire book chapters – to cover properly.

The bottom line is to make sure you’re spending time on these traffic methods and not wasting your day on Facebook or other wild internet goose chases.

I’ll have more articles about each of these on the blog soon.

In the meantime, if you want to watch a pretty cool product launch in action, check out this one:

My friends Adam and Ryan have done some very cool stuff here, taking the product launch to the next level.

Do the right things at the right time,

Craig Ballantyne
Facebook => http://www.InternetIndependenceUpdates.com

“Achievement is, by dictionary definition, a product of struggle.”
– Dan Kennedy