Product Launch Sales Tip

This week was a crash course in product launches. I’ve learned enough to fill 3 months (or more) worth of Financial Independence Monthly newsletters.

Today, I’ll try to catch up on the two weeks of questions I missed out on.

But first, here’s one lesson from the launch. It’s definitely in the top 10 lessons I learned.

Lesson: If you are going to sell, then SELL.

Too many people fear they will upset their readers when doing a launch (as either an affiliate or as the vendor).

Listen, you are going to upset people anyway…

People aren’t stupid.

If you do a half-baked job of selling (i.e write some lame email and then put in a link to the product anyway), they still know you are selling.

And if selling upsets them, it doesn’t matter if you are hard-selling or soft-selling, it will always upset some people.

The only difference is that you’ll make very few sales.

End result – All the negatives of selling WITHOUT any of the positives.

A promotion is a promotion is a promotion, in their eyes.

How it performs is up to you.

When a marketing pro gives you a PROVEN piece of copy, don’t try and re-invent it.

Just use it.

If you don’t like it, then don’t sell, if that makes you happier.

Just don’t take a wishy-washy, on-the-fence, average approach. That’s a losing approach for everyone.

Question: Hello Mr. Ballantyne, I know you’re busy with the 24/7 Fat Loss launch, (congrats BTW) so I’ll be brief.

I noticed nowhere on your affiliates site do you have your famous, and often stolen photo of you and Bally with the kettlebell.

Do you prohibit the use of this photo on affiliate sites?

I would really like to use this for the review I’m writing, as I feel this photo has now become the photo of the fitness niche.

And can you really do a review without referencing that photo? LOL.

As I said I know you’re busy, so if I don’t hear from you, I’ll assume you don’t allow the photo to be used. If, however, you decide I can place it on my site, please let me know when you get a spare moment.

I’ll gladly send you the link when everything is live. – Tom  

Answer: Hey Tom, it’s fine for you to use that photo.

The problem with all those other sites/products I mention is that they were profiting on my image without any benefit to me.

That’s not cool.

So if you’re promoting TT with that photo, it’s fine.

Thanks, appreciate you asking.

By the way, here’s a HUGE lesson for everyone.

That photo represents my DRAMATIC DEMONSTRATION, which is something that everyone needs in their business.

Dramatic demonstration = INSTANT credibility.

What’s yours? And why aren’t you using it?

Question: Hello Craig, I hope all is well. This email is coming out of left field I know so please bear with me… I’ve been looking into Blogging and I.M. for just over a year now.

I subscribe to all of your email newsletters( the only ones that seem to have real knowledge and value BTW) and a whole pile of others I need to eliminate!

I’m suffering from massive info overload! I just recently moved from the States to NB, Canada with my wife and our new baby to be closer to her family and I feel as if this is something I’m meant to do bro…

I’m just a bit overwhelmed and really not sure where the hell to start. I’ve used your TT training in the past and recently discovered how diversified your work on the internet really is…Impressive doesn’t do it any justice!

Anyway, I’m looking for a mentor and I’m tired of the overload from every self proclaimed guru on the web.  

Your work resonates with me and I feel like I could truly make  some head way with you as my guide…what do I need to do to get someone of your expertise to teach a rookie like me?

I realize you are an incredibly busy person bro and obviously don’t expect something for nothing. I’m hoping you could point me in the right direction to get started.

Since relocation I’ve been a stay at home dad (can’t work in CA until my resident card comes in) so I will have the time to put my head down and bust it out!

I don’t know if I should start out as an affiliate, write a blog, etc…anyway, I’ve babbled on enough, thanks for listening and I hope to hear back from you.” – Steve

Answer: Hi Steve, thanks for your email.

When I was in your position back in 2003, struggling to build a business, the best thing I did was I ordered a
$97 manual on how to build a mail-order business.

While the book was not written specifically for the Internet, I studied it and adapted it to my needs.

That’s why almost 10 years later I’ve put my heart and soul into my Financial Independence Monthly program.

You can get it on your own terms here

Question: I have some questions. I am very new at this internet business. I am starting a small farm where I will be doing everything but milking cows.

I am doing a lot of buying and selling to help bring in extra income to help support the farm.I would like to help people buy local things home made or home grown, to help local farmers, craftsman and small family business.

I don’t think people know that the thing that they need could be right down the road from where they live, saving money and helping there own local small business. I would like to try to bring those people together.

I am motivated to see this thru. Any advice you can give me would be very helpful.

Answer: Yes, I would like you to go back and read this article:

I truly believe it is one of the most helpful posts I’ve ever written, but not enough people agree with me.

Anyways, it shows you exactly what to do.

Craig Ballantyne

“Fill your life with positive expectations. Demand the best. Attitude and desire contribute to 90% of your achievement.” – Kekich Credo #86

Drop the negatives. Hang around positive people. And most importantly, believe in – and expect more of – yourself.