Powerful Prostate Protection

Mainstream medicine’s view on prostate health never made any sense to me. Their position was that testosterone was the culprit behind this much dreaded disease. But if that were true, I always wondered, why wouldn’t young men succumb to it? They have much higher levels of testosterone than us older guys.

Years ago I asked my personal physician, Al Sears, this question. And he told me that testosterone is the single most important factor for good prostate health.

In fact, he said that the testosterone that you produce yourself may protect your prostate better than drugs, surgery, or any other marvel of mainstream science.

Truth is… testosterone is not the problem. In fact, the right kind of testosterone – free testosterone – is the solution. A recent report put out by Natural Health Dossier supports this view. It explains what the real problem is. It’s our changing hormonal balance that causes all the trouble.

What’s the other thing that happens as we age? Our estrogen levels go up. And this report shares plenty of research which proves that estrogen is what causes prostate cancer.

All those prostate problems develop as our ratio of high-testosterone-to-low-estrogen reverses with age.

And the good news is that aging men can reduce their prostate problems… even lower their risk of prostate cancer.

Exercise, certain foods and herbs… even transdermal creams… can all help re-balance your hormones. And help protect you against any number of prostate problems.

There’s plenty more connections between hormone imbalance and prostate problems. And many solutions to help reclaim a healthier prostate. You can find many of them in this report. To get a free copy of it, click here.