Product Launch Tips from a Beginner

On Saturday, Aug 4th, I woke up to the nicest day of the summer in Stockholm, Sweden. Perfect for a 5-mile walk around the  beautiful Djurgarden island and park system

After having breakfast and returning to the hotel, it was about 10am local time, and that meant it was midnight back in Pacific Standard  Time…that’s the end of the Clickbank sales day.

So it was time to check my Clickbank stats for my businesses, as well as for those of my Publishing Partners.

It was a big day for a new partner, Brian Kalakay. He was into the final day of his first ever product launch.

The results?

In just a small niche of the fitness trainer market, Brian made over 550 sales and $14,500 in net revenue (after affing> (after affiliate and Clickbank fees).

Not a bad first weekend, huh?

Good enough for me to go and celebrate with some expensive Scandinavian meals and beverages (food and drink was almost TWO times the price of the same items back here in Toronto).

But enough about Sweden, sweet Sweden…

In this week’s edition of “What’s Working Wednesday”, we have “Mr. Energy”, Brian Kalakay, to tell us how he pulled off his 5-figure weekend.

5 Keys to Making $14,500 in a Weekend Product Launch

By Brian Kalakay, CTT

It’s amazing how you can go from zero to 10,000 miles per hour so quickly.
Throughout the course of this launch, I have learned many things…

1. Harness the Power of Affiliates

I have heard everyone preach about the importance of affiliates and keeping them happy. It’s all just words until you are the one sitting behind a computer before your launch wondering, “How the heck is this going to work with just me?”

Affiliates were a HUGE part of getting this product to explode onto the market place. I actually kept track of every time an affiliate mailed out for me and compared it to sales on clickbank.

Every time an affiliate mailed out there was a HUGE boost in sales, usually within the hour of the mailing. Multiply that by the # of affiliates you have = crazy amount of transactions.

2. Over-deliver so that everyone benefits

One of the main factors of the success of this launch was actually inspired by Mike Whitfield. Besides being one of my big time helpers with this project, he gave me advice when we were at the TT Summit. He told me to put more value into my product and upsells.

Later that weekend when I was on my way home from San Diego, I began working on more ideas to incorporate into my product. I took a 3 item main product and turned it into a 5 item package and added an additional 6 items to my upsells. This now made it an 11 item
total package.

I did this all within the course of a week. It was stressful and crazy, but I am glad I took the advice and did it. I have been getting a great response from my clients about the added value and it makes it a lot easier for people to click “add to cart” when there are hundreds of dollars’ worth of valuable products for a low price.

3. Get MENTORS!!!!

Seriously, if you are committed to being successful online you need to have a mentor or two. They take a lot of the “trial and error” out of a product launch.

They emailed me with suggestions and help to guide me to launch success. There is no way my launch would have been possible  without them.

Just when I thought I was getting things down pat, one of them would email me with a new concept that would add another 20 sales to my Clickbank account every day.

Just getting to see their thought processes and how they work is amazing. They see things that no one (not even the website designers) can see.

I am so grateful for my mentors and I will always be a part of their Mastermind Groups. You cannot put a price on how important this is to being a success.

4. Put out Great Pre-Launch Content for Promotion

interested prospects that wanted to buy my product before it was even launched.

Make sure no matter what your product is, get tied in with the right affiliates and write blog posts, film videos, do guest emails, etc. that will help promote your launch.
I wrote about 10 articles/blogs and did about 3 videos and because of those I literally got fast tracked to “mini celebrity status” over the course of 2 days.

It makes it easier to sell product to people who can put a face and personality with the product. This leads me to the final BIG lesson that I learned from this launch…

5. Remember…People are buying YOU

At the end of the day, a product is a product. People really want to know about YOU. Are you someone they can trust? Do you speak the words in their head? Do they like you? Would they want to hang out and learn from you?

If you are exciting and innovative then let that be reflected in your product. Put some personality into it…and into the pre-launch content too.

I guarantee that is one of the main reasons they are buying your product; they want to have YOUR excitement and YOUR innovation. They are buying the product to have a piece of your success.

Someone could have the best product in the world, but if you can’t stand them, you aren’t going to buy anything from them.

Make sure you put personality into your product, sales copy, artwork,
videos, blogs, etc. Brand yourself within your product or service. This
is what will attract people by the masses.

Be an awesome person and care about everyone that emails you or asks you questions, and your “online friends” will support every one of your product launches.

These are just a few of the lessons I have learned from this launch. I hope this information can help some of you trying to find your way in the online world.

I will always still be learning and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me over the next 10 years.

Thank you to Craig and Bedros for being a HUGE driving force for me on this journey and also a big thanks to Rick Kaselj and Mike Whitfield for keeping me on track and letting me bug them with the little stuff.
Thanks, Brian. Rocking article. Great tips, and tremendous value.

You deserve your success.

If you want to achieve success like Brian, just do as he has done.

1.    Identify a niche market that allows you to squeeze into the industry while adding value to the end user and to potential affiliates.

2.    Then be a high-energy, awesome person, and people will want to help you.

3.    Finally, get connected with other good folks and mentors. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Or as they say in Sweden, 1-2-3 (but in Swedish).

Back on Friday with some QnA,

Craig Ballantyne
“If it is to be, it is up to me.” – William Johnsen